In the gaming industry, the console wars are an inevitable reality for everyone to see. Some actively take part in the feeding of it, while others roll their eyes at its worthlessness. No matter where you stand when it comes to this topic though, Ubisoft is bringing a new meta-game that will unite gamers, no matter if they’re a PS4, Xbox One or PC player.

Faction War is a new meta-game coming next year and it will indeed be cross-platform. It will showcase the continuous battle between For Honor‘s three factions: Samurais, Vikings and Knights. Any multiplayer game that is played on PS4, Xbox One or PC will have a direct impact on the Faction War.

Gamers will send out “War Assets” to attack a region of the world that is controlled by a rival faction. They will also be able to send out “War Assets” to defend a territory that their faction currently holds.

Faction War will be made up of three unique segments. A turn will run its course every six hours. The faction with the most “War Assets” in a given region will then control it. Furthermore, a round will last two weeks, and the faction with the most regions controlled will win the round.

If you are a part of the winning faction, the spoils will go to you. Ubisoft has confirmed that players from the winning faction will receive rewards for their victory. To qualify for the reward, you will need to have participated in at least one multiplayer activity within the round. Simple enough, right? Additionally, rewards will “depend on the rank of the factions.” Rewards you can earn will include things like scavenger crates and steel, the latter of which is in-game currency.

Outside of rounds are seasons, which last 10 weeks (5 rounds in one season). The faction with the most round wins at the end of the 10 weeks will win the season and more rewards will be shelled out to each player of that faction. Even if you do not play multiplayer during the season, Ubisoft will still sent you some gifts. Again, rewards are based on the rank of each faction. These prizes will include items like ornaments, scavenger crates, steel and emblem outlines. These rewards can only be had in Faction War.

Often times in multiplayer games, there can be a sense of overhanging unity lacking from the experience. Faction War feels like it will deliver that deep sense of loyalty that no multiplayer experience has before. It will give players a major reason to continue coming back to the mode long after launch.

The rewards or benefits gamers will earn from participating and winning in Faction War feel like they’ll be more tangible than one might have thought. Gaining an emblem or ornament to tattoo on your character will deliver a new level of satisfaction for gamers.

For Honor is hoping to instill a newfound sense of pride and ownership in the minds of gamers. I feel like a lot of multiplayer games try to get to this very theme but often times fail miserably. Given how seasons, rounds and turns work, there seems to be an effective balance at play. It will allow gamers to come and go in the mode, while still being invested in it.

If ever there was a multiplayer mode that tries to positively take advantage of the bitter dynamic that exists within the whole console wars “conflict,” this is it. It is actually kind of genius on the part of Ubisoft, and hopefully players will take to Faction War with a playful competitiveness. There’s no need to add meta-game prejudice into Faction War. However, a little friendly trash talking never hurt a Knight, right?

Another intriguing element of Faction War is depending on where each multiplayer match is taking place, that map will have the flavor of that faction. As an example, “if the Dominion Front is located in Valkenheim, land of the Vikings, then all playable Dominion maps will be in one of their Valkenheim variations.”

This means the map will feature snowy vistas as well as Nordic vegetation. The land of the Samurai will feature humid levels with jungle-type greenery. With each of the 12 maps having between four and six variations, this means there are around 60 unique map variations. Post-launch content will have an influence reflecting the results of Faction War. They will release new maps and content at the end of each season.

January’s pre-launch Closed Beta will host the “War of the Factions,” in which a small version of Faction War will be carried out. Gamers will pledge their blade to one of the three factions and then fight it out until the beta’s end. All who participate in the beta will receive a reward. The winning faction will also earn a set of rewards as well. Gamers who wish to check out the evergreen leaderboards can do so here.

Faction War is a mode that has the structure and incentives to be as powerful as Ubisoft hopes it can be. For Honor looks to galvanize the way we see multiplayer, and Faction War is just the tip of that exciting iceberg. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on For Honor. Our preview of the game’s multiplayer experience is now live.

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