Mobile continues to be a powerful sales force in the larger realm of gaming. It contributes a massive portion of the industry’s yearly revenue, and caters to both gamers and non-gamers. The reach of mobile is enormous. It’s so much so that companies like Nintendo have gone as far as releasing their own IP on the platform.

Microsoft surely has taken note of the fact that Nintendo is bringing their brands to mobile. Some franchises surely fit better for the platform, while others don’t fit as well. A title that would fit in the mobile space is Halo Wars, just like PlayStation’s LittleBigPlanet did.

Sony is a firm that has yet to release their brands on mobile, however, that time may not be too far off from now. PlayStation head Shuhei Yoshida spoke about the prospect of bringing Sony games over to the mobile space.

“The mobile is a great tool to connect with our fans and might be a good place to allow new gamers – or non-gamers – to become familiar with our IP. So we will look at opportunities to make use of the device,” Yoshida told DigitalSpy.

Something to think about is the fact that Sony is still supporting PlayStation Vita. That is their mobile gaming device and bringing PlayStation IP over to mobile platforms like Android or iOS would marginalize PS Vita in a serious way.

Given how much emphasis, albeit backhanded, PS Vita received during PSX 2016, it is unlikely we’ll see an Uncharted land on mobile anytime soon. Yoshida went onto point out a mobile release that did perform well.

“I don’t think we have announced anything like that, but in the past we released a LittleBigPlanet-themed running game – that was pretty fun and was popular on mobile,” Yoshida said.

Nintendo is getting ready to release the Switch in March. If the console turns out to be a smash success, then perhaps you might see Sony change its stance. As of now though, Sony has zero reason to change its approach. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on PlayStation.

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