Gaming takes us to some of the most beautiful and memorable worlds. Some places can never be found in real-life, while others can be found within a single flight. An immersive world can be the difference between characterless and captivating.

For the upcoming shooterSniper Elite 4, gamers will journey to the sun-drenched oceanside of the Italian coast. The city seems to be taking on similar traits to the actual Italian region known as Cinque Terre. Sniper Elite 4‘s world looks beautiful, and with the right level of precision, deadly.

Rebellion wanted the world of Sniper Elite 4 have a more open emphasis on its world design. In an exclusive interview with We Write Things, Paul Wright, who is a lead designer at Rebellion Developments, spoke about the game’s magnificent setting as well as its design and traversal.

“Italy is a beautiful country with a diverse range of landscapes and architecture going back thousands of years. By setting the game before the invasion, we get to play with environments that haven’t been ravaged by war. This had a huge impact on the scenarios the designers wanted to explore and how the themes flowed as the story progressed. We also wanted to make the mission more open ended – like a sandbox environment.

“This philosophy of large, open environments, coupled with the variety of Italy’s aforementioned landscapes and architecture, allowed the level design team to created diverse environments which offer the tactical variation Sniper Elite 4 demands. The improved traversal system allows player interactivity with the architecture, so multilayered buildings and high vantage points were factored in early to the design. Verticality in a sniper game is pretty essential and Italy is a great showcase for that,” Wright said.

Verticality is a term that is synonymous with the Sniper Elite franchise. For a sharpshooter, getting a height advantage or clear vantage point usually means acquiring a clean shot. This is something players will seek when they step into the world of Sniper Elite 4.

Rebellion Developments is working on the next iteration in the series and it’ll debut on Feb. 14. The game will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more from our interview with Rebellion.

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