EA has started up a new program called EA Originals. The idea is essentially to champion indie developers and their projects. This is their way of capturing games that go beyond the usual AAA experience.

Today, they have revealed a new member of EA Originals, Sea of Solitude (developed by Jo-Mei Games). The upcoming exploration game sees players take on the part of Kay. She has slipped into darkness, becoming a monster, and players now have to find out what happened.

Not only will they try to uncover the truth about Kay, but they’ll also try to turn her back into a human being, as stated by Sea of Solitude‘s creative director Cornelia Geppert. She said the beautiful world of Sea of Solitude is almost empty, save for a few other monsters.

The city, as you can see, is completely flooded. Cornelia said the monsters will help Kay find out what happened to her by first finding out what happened to them. As gamers journey throughout the world, a wall of fog or rain will be their guide for where to go.

A glimpse of one of the game's monsters (Courtesy of Jo-Mei Games).
A glimpse of one of the game’s monsters (Courtesy of Jo-Mei Games).

If you enter the fog or rain, then you will immediately notice a weather change. When gamers go outside of the sunny weather in Sea of Solitude, danger levels will change. The water levels can rise or be lowered. They are in synch with the feelings of Kay and the monsters. The happier they are, the lower the water level gets.

Monsters in Sea of Solitude are more like wild animals than enemies. Buried memories are hidden at the bottom of the ocean. They will reveal what past these monsters have and their connection to Kay. Therefore, gamers will also find out what Kay’s history is.

Geppert did confirm that gamers will have interactions with the monsters. They can help you progress in the game and unintentionally stop you from progressing.

The newest member of the EA Originals program, Sea of Solitude, does not have a release date yet. The game will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One and PC when it does debut. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Sea of Solitude.

At points, this world resembles something like a Venice-type city (Courtesy of Jo-Mei Games).
At points, this world resembles something like a Venice-type city (Courtesy of Jo-Mei Games).

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