Space is a very interesting place for any number of reasons. Entertainment always seems to do a fine job of exploring why. Whether we’re talking about a movie or a game, space continues to hold remarkable intrigue.

Exploding Tuba is currently making the upcoming sci-fi action/adventure game, Divide. The developer has revealed the upcoming game will make its PS4 debut on Jan. 31, 2017. To help celebrate the announcement, Exploding Tuba dropped a new trailer for Divide.

Exploding Tuba is placing a modern take on isometric adventures of old. The game will be a character and narrative driven experience. Exploring will be a very important part of players finding clues. These will reveal different aspects of the story.

Combat will be found in hacking enemies “or launching a direct assault.” Additionally, gamers will be able to interact with each of Divide‘s characters. The studio’s Chris Tilton, who founded Exploding Tuba, spoke about the game’s narrative and what’s important for it to be effective.

“One of the things we couldn’t help talk with them about was tone, and its importance in telling a story. Balancing a story full of peril with moments of levity and emotion is always a challenge, but it’s especially difficult in games because the player often dictates the moment to moment action and pacing,” Tilton wrote on PS Blog.

Divide is Exploding Tuba’s first game and it hits early next year. Chris is the game director of Divide, but his previous work resides in scoring soundtracks for gaming and television titles.

These include work on Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Fringe and Undercovers. Divide will hit the PlayStation 4 on Jan. 31, 2017. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Divide.

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