Franchises have to go through iteration and improvement over their subsequent installments. For a brand like Sniper Elite, thinking of new ways to enable stealth for players, while still making the game a challenge is important for developer Rebellion Developments.

With their next iteration in the seriesSniper Elite 4 will be adding new ways for gamers to be stealthy. Not only that, but they will be bringing back a feature that is even more embellished than before, Soundmasking.

The upcoming game won’t box you into a corner and say, you have to play this way. However, playing one way will keep you alive longer compared to other playstyles. Speaking to We Write Things, Paul Wright, who is a lead designer at Rebellion Developments, talked about how Sniper Elite 4 enables any playstyle, while encouraging gamers to be stealthy.

“Well, we do design the entire experience around how you want to play, so we don’t force any particular playstyle. That being said, you tend to live longer when playing stealthy, and we offer a wide range of new and improved tools and incentives for the stealth player to make them live a long and fruitful life, such as remote explosives and suppressed ammo for rifles and pistols, and a new AI visibility system which promotes natural stealth play through the use of light and shadow and bush cover. We allow more freedom of traversal, which has extended the melee takedown system further, allowing the player to negotiate scenarios without being spotted,” Wright said.

Gamers will be able to use a wide array of tools at their disposal to create unique gameplay opportunities. Whether it is new stealth features Rebellion has added or its the embellishments they’ve made to Sniper Elite‘s Soundmasking feature, stealth opportunities will be aplenty. Wright spoke about this and what else gamers will find in Sniper Elite 4.

“Soundmasking is back with even more sources of sounds to hide shots behind and we’ve even increased the breadth of tools available so that every item on our weapon wheel has dual abilities. For example, in previous games you could pick a trusty rock throw as a distraction, but now you can decide to whistle instead, bringing a player to you, rather than away from you.

“There are lots more gameplay mechanics to discover, and we also include achievements and challenges, the latter used to encourage replay and experimentation. A lot of this is new to the Sniper Elite series, and some of it has evolved from previous games, so we think there’s a good balance of both for seasoned veterans and new players alike,” Wright said.

Being accessible to longtime fans of a series as well as newcomers is something all games are concerned with these days. Balancing the line between being true to a brand while having an arms wide open approach isn’t easy. Rebellion hopes to strike that balance effectively when Sniper Elite 4 debuts next year.

Sniper Elite 4 will launch on Feb. 14, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more from our interview with Rebellion.

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