Microsoft is nearly done releasing all of its Xbox One titles for the fall. Tomorrow will mark the release date for Dead Rising 4. However in the months prior, a trio of other titles were made available. ReCore is among the three and it was released this past September.

ReCore‘s characters and world at large have such a wonderful charm to them that it was hard for a lot of people not to become taken by it all. The game pairs wonderfully entertaining platforming elements with addictive combat. Players can explore to find and collect secrets throughout the game’s world.

Critics gave ReCore a mixed reaction when the game debuted a few months back, but there were still plenty of people, like myself, who quite enjoyed ReCore. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer spoke about the game’s charm and some things he took away from both Gears of War 4 and ReCore.

ReCore is one of those games that makes me remember why I fell into gaming in the first place. Joule is a great lead character [and] I think the series doesn’t take itself too seriously, you know, it’s how gaming started, right? And this is going to seem like the weirdest transition, but it’s similar to how I actually feel about Gears [of War].

“With Gears, people can kind of look at it on the outside and think it’s a very serious game, but those of us who’ve played through the game realize that it kind of makes fun of itself at many points, but then you actually get to these really high-tension points in the game where there is real emotion and I think it does a nice job playing off of that, and I think ReCore does the same thing,” Spencer told AusGamers.

Joule and her partner in crime, Mack, bring a wonderful companion element to ReCore. They both complement each other in a way that enhances gameplay, and creates memorable moments.

Gears of War 4 is yet another stellar iteration in the franchise. It did a fine job of adding in humorous instances among the serious ones. Gamers can pick up ReCore now on Xbox One and Windows 10. The same is true for Gears of War 4. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Xbox.

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