This past fall 505 Games and Giant Squid released the stunning, unique adventure game Abzu. It has only been available on PS4 and Steam since then. That is about to change as Abzu will be releasing on Xbox One tomorrow.

Gamers who decide to purchase Abzu on Xbox One during the first week it is available will receive a 15 percent off discount. The full retail cost of the game is $19.99. Abzu “is an epic descent into the depths of the sea where players explore the mystery and wonder of the ocean, while the distinct art style blends beautifully rendered ocean environments alongside a deeply emotional narrative.”

Abzu will be coming to Windows 10 in the coming weeks. 505 Games did not make any mention of when the game will launch though. We Write Things had the opportunity to review the title earlier this year. We found it to have stunning art direction, an immersive world and entertaining gameplay.

Additionally, the fashion in which Abzu tells its story is something we don’t see often in gaming. This is a refreshing take on how to share narratives with gamers.

“Gaming narratives are often times told in a straightforward manner, and gamers can usually grasp the message a story is trying to tell. In Abzû, convention is nowhere near the plot of this game, and that leaves quite a bit up to the player to wonder about. I thoroughly enjoyed reading into the hieroglyphs painted on deep-sea walls or the palace-like locations I visited throughout my play session.” 

Gamers will be able to pick up Abzu tomorrow on Xbox One. Windows 10 will receive the game in the weeks ahead. The game is available now on PS4 and Steam. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on video games.

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