The year of 2013 is one of the more memorable ones in recent memory. That year, gaming saw the emergence of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Gamers saw a company in Sony, who struggled at the beginning of the PS3’s generation, step up to the plate and knock 2013 out of the park with PS4.

E3 2013 still stands as one of the most memorable shows to date. Microsoft made its bid to gamers with the Xbox One and its Kinect-centric focus. Sony made their bid to consumers with its gamer-minded PS4, complete with a lower price than the Xbox One and not requiring users to always be connected to the Internet.

Both companies made their play and the PS4 has gone on to be a smash success. Former vice president of publisher and developer relations at Sony Interactive Entertainment Adam Boyes recently reflected on the year of 2013, and more specifically, the 2013 edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

“When I look back now, I think ‘wow, that’s definitely going to go down in history as such an amazing [moment].’ It was sort of like serendipity on a couple fronts. We were able to make indies front and center, and I think no other console had done that before. And then elevating all independent developers across the industry was super important. Then from there, giving birth to PSX.

“There are so many things I think we did a pretty good job of. And the good news is I think the Microsoft guys [thought] pretty quickly, ‘wow there’s a lot of things that we could be doing better.’ They quickly revved up the engine and Phil Spencer went right to work and did an incredible job of patching the problems and making [Xbox One] as good as possible,” Boyes told The 1099 podcast.

Following the rocky launch of Xbox One, Microsoft has done a fine job of refocusing on the gamer. Peripheral features are also a strong part of the Xbox One ecosystem, but as a compliment. Features like Backwards Compatibility make Xbox One stronger, and the system is selling well as a result.

PS4 is still going strong in sales. New hardware is now available for the system. Those include PlayStation VR as well as PlayStation 4 Pro. The former has been out since October, while the latter has been since mid-November.

This weekend marks the beginning of Sony’s 2016 edition of PlayStation Experience. The show will kick off with a presentation to gamers Saturday morning, Dec. 3. Panels will follow the same day as well as the following on Sunday, Dec. 4. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on video games.

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