Role-playing games typically showcase a character during their early stages, weak and unskilled. Eventually, that character becomes stronger and more powerful than his/her foes. Ultimately, a sort of dominance falls upon the player, though the player earns it. This doesn’t seem to be exactly what players will find in Horizon Zero Dawn‘s combat.

Horizon Zero Dawn won’t be a game that gives players ridiculous sorts of powers. This doesn’t strike me as a world where you’ll trounce around killing enemy after enemy. From everything Guerrilla Games has had to say, combat will be more like a pseudo Dark Souls.

Guerrilla Games makes it seem like players could be having to persevere through death quite often. Horizon Zero Dawn‘s John Gonzalez spoke about how gamers won’t ever feel too powerful when they step into the shoes of Aloy, and how they’ll have to be intelligent in combat.

“I don’t think that the power curve is an issue here as you never feel like you’re stepping into the shoes of someone who can lay waste to everything in front of you. It’s more the opposite. There’s always this David and Goliath kind of feel. Aloy is very resourceful and competent, but she’s not God-like and I think that comes across very quickly as you play.

“Even with all of the abilities and skills that she has, she is outmatched out there and you have to play in a way that is clever and thoughtful in order to overcome those challenges. She is smart and she is tough, both of those things are true. However, she does also have a fundamental wounded-ness in that she hasn’t grown up under easy circumstances,” Gonzalez told Redbull.

Simply running around and being thoughtless sounds like a good way to a quick death. Aloy will have abilities and skills for players to use, but they won’t transcend irresponsible gameplay styles. Understanding the enemy you’ll face, your environment and tools at your disposal will all play a factor.

Sony is getting ready to host the third-ever PlayStation Experience this December. The show will take place in Anaheim, CA from Dec. 3-4. Gamers can expect to hear more about Horizon Zero Dawn during this year’s show. The upcoming PS4 exclusive will debut Feb. 28, 2017. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Horizon Zero Dawn.

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