Companion devices are something we see in shooters, and they allow for a great level of agency on the part of the player. Ubisoft’s upcoming shooter Ghost Recon Wildlands will be implementing a drone for all players to use, and this device will have quite the number of customizations to it.

Ubisoft revealed players will be able to customize their drone in a number of ways. This means whether you want to play recon or assault, Wildlands has options for you. In an exclusive interview with We Write Things, Eric Couzian, who is the creative director on Ghost Recon Wildlands, spoke about drone customizations.

“You can customize your drone depending on your playstyle and how you prefer to use it. You can upgrade the recon abilities by improving its autonomy, add different electronic views (night vision, thermal view, etc.), or change optics for better zoom abilities. You can also use the drone for diversion by putting devices which will generate sounds to lure enemies.

“You can also upgrade the engine to be more silent when needed, or implement an EMP bomb to switch off enemy electronic devices. And if you want to use the drone in assault mode, you can equip the drone with high explosives to blow things up, increase its resistance to bullets, etc. We wanted to provide a variety of combinations depending on how you like to use the drone. It’s always about freedom of choice and how you want to progress and use your gear,” Couzian said.

A player’s drone sounds like it’ll be as important as your weapon of choice will be. This companion device will be something that players showcase their play styles through. It is a great decision by Ubisoft to give gamers options to use this device more for recon or as an assault vehicle.

There are clearly will be a number of customization options for gamers to choose from. Perhaps the beta that is upcoming for Ghost Recon Wildlands will yield more insight into how we will be able to customize our drone.

Ubisoft hasn’t made any official statements as to when exactly the beta will happen. They did say a beta will happen though, so expect it in the coming months. I’m betting it will happen sometime in December or January. Ghost Recon Wildlands will launch March 7. The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more from our interview with Ubisoft regarding Ghost Recon Wildlands.

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