Online games are becoming very prevalent in the open-world space. In the past, those types of games were predominantly offline, single-player experiences. However, these days have seen the rise of the open-world, online, multiplayer experience.

While single-player is still frequently an element of most online, open-world titles, matchmaking has become an important feature for players to note. This past spring saw the release of Tom Clancy’s The Division and matchmaking was a major topic leading up to the title’s launch.

So for the upcoming 2017 launch of Ghost Recon Wildlands, what exactly will Ubisoft do in regards to matchmaking for gamers? In an exclusive interview with We Write Things, Eric Couzian, who is the creative director on Ghost Recon Wildlands, spoke about some of the elements that will play into the game’s matchmaking as well as its progression system.

“We were able to create a matchmaking system that connects players who have as much in-game experience in common as possible, like locations they’ve visited or what missions they’ve played. This was a focus of ours so we could stay true to giving players full freedom of choice.

“We will continue to test and tweak our system to maximize fun for players up until release, but yes our system is already up and running. With the matchmaking system that we are implementing, we looked to make the player’s choice of whether to play solo or co-op easier by creating a united progression system. All your story progression as well as all your character and gear progression are the same whether you are playing solo or co-op,” Couzian said.

The factors that play into a gamer’s matchmaking will likely change prior to launch, but this should give players an idea of what to expect from it. The concept of a United Progression System will be great for everyone involved, seeing as most players will dabble in both the single-player and multiplayer realms.

Ghost Recon Wildlands will be receiving a beta for gamers to sample the game in the coming weeks. Ubisoft did not specify when folks should expect the beta, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it happen sometime in January. Ghost Recon Wildlands will launch March 7 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. We’ll have much more from our interview with Ubisoft, so stick around here at We Write Things.

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