In life, at some point, you will run into a wall. While that wall could very well be literal (e.g. you were texting your BFF about Friday plans and walked face first into a block of brick) or in this case, a metaphorical wall that somehow got in the way of your plans.

When you hit that wall you have two options (and yea, this IS that black and white). You can stare at that wall and proceed to cry and moan and seamlessly turn around to go back where you came from. OR you can look to the very top of that wall, really give it a once-over and decide right then and there, that wall is about to be your bitch.

If you’re lucky, the wall might be one of those half-wall statue-like things from Mario and all you have to do is change your direction and you’ll get around it, sweep up those points and give yourself a high five. In most cases however, the wall will be big… like dinosaur-status, Andre the giant, green hulk big.. have no fear though, this will just require a little more brain power than your Mario situation.

Stop. And think. Put a plan together, maybe 2 or 3 (it never hurts to have a backup) and think through the pros and cons, the additional obstacles that might pop up (ya know because that wall alone isn’t enough) and then set your expectation that one of those plans will work. With your plan, start climbing (that means GET TO WORK)… put on your adult-ish power suit, one foot in front of the other and climb. At some point you might be lucky enough to hear someone on the other side… who has a rope.. a strong rope [like the one from Princess Bride] that can hold an unsurmountable amount of weight, and with that rope they will take some of the load. You’ll get closer, and closer, and almost there to where you can see the top, and SO close where you can see beyond the top onto the other side. When you get there, STOP.

Because at this point you’ve made it, the fourtneener-esque climb has succumbed to your willpower and it’s an easy jump down. STOP and thank yourself, pride yourself, truly smile at yourself knowing that through the agony you made it and now you are where you want to be.

About Melaina Johnson

Kitchen lover and fitness addict, marketing nut & puppy parent, keeping calm & collected for a happy life.