The colder months of the year are approaching in some parts of the country. As a beer drinker’s taste change, warmer months typically see lighter beers capture the spotlight, while colder months usually see darker beers take their turn as the primary body of choice.

Many breweries near you are probably getting ready to release winter seasonal brews. These beers more than likely contain a darker body than those you might see six months from now. Most breweries tend to follow the tastes of beer drinkers, and Wisconsin’s Sapporo Brewing Company is no different.

To fit nicely with Sapporo’s overall portfolio and just in time for the winter months, Sapporo has released a new lager called Sapporo Premium Black. The new, dark lager is an original attempt by the brewing to step into the darker segments of brewing and they have done so with flying colors.

Often times, a darker beer can possess a low level of drinkability. Simply put, dark beers can be a palate dominator, which alienate your tastebuds from other stouts or porters out there. I’m happy to say Sapporo Premium Black does the exact opposite and possesses a fabulous level of drinkability.

This beer is perfect for most occasions, whether you are having a beer or two after work or are enjoying one with dinner. Sapporo Premium Black never overwhelms the palate, and in fact, turns out to have a balanced, flavorful presentation.

Specific barley and hops were chosen to help create the smooth experience you’ll find in Sapporo Premium Black. While some might say its palate is complex, I’d say it is simpler and better off for it. Bold notes of chocolate and coffee pair nicely to create a balanced, sweet presentation.

While it was not specified, the new release should be a year round release and something that shouldn’t disappear after the fall or winter months. The beer checks in with a 5 percent alcohol by volume or ABV, and isn’t as filling as other dark beers can be. Beer drinkers can pick up the beer today in 22oz. cans. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on craft beer.

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