It has been a while since gamers saw a true game match or try to match the experience we all found in EA’s SSX franchise. The wait is nearly over as Ubisoft’s new IP Steep will be available on Dec. 2.

You may be wondering what all you’ll be able to do in Steep, but Ubisoft thought ahead and released a new trailer for the game today. Gamers will be able to ski, snowboard, paraglide and wingsuit their way through the massive peaks of the Alps.

Ubisoft also confirmed in the video that Alaska will be a mountain range coming to the game soon. Players will be able to experience the mountain range as a free update that is coming in the weeks ahead. If you have yet to watch the video, check it out below:

Playing online and sharing gameplay experiences feel like they’ll be essential pillars of Steep. When gamers complete a line in Steep, any other player can then challenge said line. This is just one of the ways Steep‘s online component comes into play.

Challenge Events and Mountain Stories are quests or missions, if you will, that players can go after to progress within the game. A player’s reputation will be how gamers unlock legendary drop zones. These will be “uncharted peaks and special areas” for gamers to experience.

Invitational Challenges are another type of event for gamers to get into. High reputation will allow gamers to drop into a run via things like a hot air balloon or a helicopter. These get players to altitudes where they can take on the craziest lines Steep has to offer.

Gamers will be able to choose their character’s outfits. You can change your character’s appearance in pretty much every way from what’s on his or her head, to their jacket, pants, etc. Check out the screen grab below for a hint at what all you can customize.

A glimpse at the things gamers can customize in Steep (Credit: We Write Things).
A glimpse at the things gamers can customize in Steep (Credit: We Write Things).

There are six unique play styles for gamers to develop into. It seems like each of these will be areas players build up or complete throughout their time in Steep, though it was not specified like it was a thing you choose one of.

“Free downloadable updates” are coming to Steep in the weeks ahead, and yes, this includes the aforementioned Alaska mountain range. Content will include real-life free events as well as community tournaments.

Steep is about to receive a Closed Beta starting Nov. 10 for players, while an Open Beta will then run from Nov. 18 through Nov. 21. Ubisoft’s newest IP will launch this coming Dec. 2 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. If you want to register for the Closed Beta, you can do so through here. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Steep.

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