The amount of value a gamer receives when they purchase a game is frequently a topic of discussion. Some games come up short in the value department, while games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare wildly surpass it. This year’s newest installment brings incredible value to gamers, and it is one that will have you hooked from the moment you begin playing.

Not only is Infinite Warfare the complete package, but its campaign shines brightly as a surprising, entertaining journey through the stars. Its multiplayer provides the same addicting gameplay gamers have come to expect. And finally, Infinite Warfare brings a Zombies mode that will continuously lure you back into its world.

The campaign of Infinite Warfare takes gamers all across the galaxy. Gamers can journey to planets such as Mars or Pluto as they please and I was surprised at how much mission-to-mission choice I actually had. There’s a galaxy map that gamers will be able to take a look at. Here, they can choose which mission to partake in next. Main missions are marked with a gold diamond on the map, while side missions, if you will, are marked with red triangles.

If you want, you can blaze through the campaign’s main missions within seven or eight hours. However, those who take their time and go after the side objectives will find a lengthier and deeper experience. Over the past few years, Call of Duty has felt like it has become less linear and Infinite Warfare is the greatest example of that yet.

A glimpse of the futuristic Earth that awaits players (Credit: We Write Things).
A glimpse of the futuristic Earth that awaits players (Credit: We Write Things).

There are 30 missions for players to complete. Infinite Warfare has plenty of gameplay variety within them, and the missions do a fine job balancing all of the elements at play. Whether you are flying through space in aerial battles with your Jackal or you are shooting at enemies as you floating through it, Infinite Warfare remains everything a seamless experience.

I use the term seamless when referring to the transition between space combat and boots on the ground. The same can be said for the literal transitions between gameplay and cutscenes, they are seamless with essentially no loading times.

Aerial combat in your Jackal is a heck of a fun time, and does provide a fair challenge to the player. Gamers are given three different types of weapons to use when chasing enemies through the air, but they also have flares at their disposal should enemies fire missiles your way. Moments with the Jackal are at its best when you are trying to shoot down enemy carriers, while trying to avoid being shot down by pursuing enemy space fighters.

Zero-G combat is a wonderfully fun and rewarding experience in Infinite Warfare. Gamers must navigate the open spaces and work to fight off enemies during these sequences. What is great about these instances is there isn’t that same twitch-based movement that you find in boots on the ground combat. Movement is more gradual, which will make you think differently in combat. I also enjoyed the grapple hook, particularly when it came to grabbing an enemy and then executing a melee takedown.

Infinite Warfare‘s narrative is one that will surprise you. The various themes of sacrifice in the name of completing your objective, and throwing survival to the wind, were consistent throughout the story. No where was this theme more clear than during the campaign’s final moments.

I enjoyed how Infinity Ward built up these themes through various scenes in the story. As they are brought up in conversation, a pattern and theme is quickly recognizable. The story progresses and you begin to see examples of these ideas in each character’s actions. This is where Infinite Warfare‘s campaign shines the most for me, and its ending ties everything together fabulously.

Multiplayer is yet another hard to put down, addicting experience. Gameplay is varied through the many, many different modes that are available to players. Kill Confirmed, Domination and Capture The Flag provided the most entertainment for me, though a mode like Defender is a nice change of pace here and there.

Attachments that you’d expect to find in multiplayer are largely the same as Black Ops 3, so no major changes there. Combat Rigs are a significant part of this year’s game again, and each has a unique Payload or super ability players can activate once it has been fully charged.

Choosing your Combat Rig will be based on your play style more than anything else. Players who are looking to go on the offensive with their Payloads will pair up with a Combat Rig that has a more deadly super ability. Those who wish to be more defensive with their Payload will go with something that supports that style.

Traits are options players can go with that deliver benefits like quicker movement after a kill or simply refilling their tactical gear via a bag laid out for them to pick up. Infinite Warfare does a fine job of creating a breadth of options that support the various play styles that are out there.

Zombies is still one of the most addicting experiences in gaming (Courtesy of Activision).
Zombies is still one of the most addicting experiences in gaming (Courtesy of Activision).

Zombies is yet another interesting experience, even with Infinity Ward taking the wheel. The map players will find is called Spaceland. This world’s 1980s style is colorful, and players’ outfits are oh so 80s-y. What makes Zombies so incredible, and always has, is the level of tact and strategy that gamers must use in order to stay alive.

Opening up a new part of the level is always a difficult decision. Doing so too soon or too late can result in failure. Coming up with a strategy of how to play each segment of the map is important, and it took me and my team time to formulate an effective strategy. I had a fantastic time investing hours and hours into Zombies, and can see myself doing more of the same in the days ahead.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is one of the most complete experiences in the history of the franchise. Infinity Ward has created one of the best campaigns and stories perhaps in the series history. Multiplayer is as fun, competitive and deep as it always has been. Zombies provides wonderful contrast to the rest of Infinite Warfare, and will keep you coming back for more. That said, Zombies and the campaign are where I’ll be investing the majority of my time in Infinite Warfare.

Call of Duty has never been more complete than it is in Infinite Warfare. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on video games. Activision provided a PS4 copy of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for the purposes of this review. 


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