For the past few years, EA and BioWare have been working on the next chapter in the Mass Effect series. Mass Effect Andromeda is what the duo have dubbed the new iteration in the popular sci-fi franchise.

Gaming last learned new information surrounding the title this past summer, but nothing has come up as of late. Today, on N7 day (Nov. 7th), EA released a brand new trailer for the upcoming game. I’ll just stop talking and let you enjoy:

Earlier in the year, Mass Effect Andromeda was pushed back from releasing this fall. The game is now set to release this coming Spring. Development can always change, so honestly, it would not be a surprise if the game was delayed one more time.

The game will be arriving on PS4, Xbox One and PC when it does launch. Today, Microsoft also confirmed that Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 are all available on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility. The first title in the series has been a part of the program for months now, and the second and third iterations are now a part of the program too.

In addition to the new trailer, EA also sent out a few words to players. “Take the role of the Pathfinder, leading humanity’s search for a new home in this unexplored and unforgiving region of space. You’ll chart your own course, navigating the Andromeda galaxy to unravel its mysteries, discover vivid alien worlds, and lead the charge to find the human race a new home among the stars.

“You’ll be able to upgrade and customize your gameplay experience with a deep and flexible progression system, and lead your squad into action-packed combat using advanced weaponry, special abilities, and more than a few new tricks,” EA wrote.

A 4K screenshot for Mass Effect Andromeda (Courtesy of EA).
A 4K screenshot for Mass Effect Andromeda (Courtesy of EA).

EA is also touting a new program called The Andromeda Initiative. Folks who are interested in signing up can do so here. For now, the program enables you to stay up to date on news and gamers can unlock exclusive content available through the program, though what that content is was not specified.

If you have signed up for the program, there is a new video you can watch via your “Training Hub.” It is pretty neat and gives you a chance to learn more about things in the upcoming game, like the Pathfinder and environmental conditions. Those who are like me and can’t wait for the new Mass Effect to launch, I highly recommend joining the Initiative.

Loyalty Missions were extremely popular in Mass Effect 2, and they have indeed made a return in Mass Effect Andromeda. BioWare creative director Mac Walters spoke about the news that came out of an interview with GameInformer today.

“I loved the loyalty missions. As a writer, one of the things I loved was the freedom to say ‘I know this character is coming along,’ so they can carry a lot of the narrative. That made my job easier, but it also made it more fun, because I could tell a more specific story in one of those missions,” Walters said.

EA has yet to confirm an exact release date for Andromeda, though it is expected to arrive within the first three months of next year. Mass Effect Andromeda will launch this coming Spring for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Mass Effect.

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