It can be a weird question to ask someone what they feel their legacy will be. That is usually determined by the things they’ve accomplished after they’ve left a certain career or position. His or her peers often times provide the informed context for everything they’ve done. This is when we begin to see a legacy form.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has been at the helm of Xbox for the past three years. He has done an excellent job of improving brand identity among gamers, and has been a part of some of the most fan friendly features we’ve ever seen on the Xbox platform.

Backwards compatibility is still a big deal and continues to benefit gamers all over. Many people see Phil Spencer as the man who makes all of the decisions at Xbox, but the things he does are more seen behind the scenes. The Xbox One exec himself spoke about his legacy and how he views it looking behind and forward.

“I don’t know if my legacy plays out publicly. I think about it in terms of me getting to work with some good people that feel like they can do their best. I think we’re on a journey there, and I definitely don’t think I’m done. Every time we sit in a car or plane, we always talk about, ‘Well, this could be easier, that could be easier, we can do more here.’

“The teams are great at giving me feedback about stuff that I can go off and help, because the work happens not at the figurehead level: the work happens at the real work level. And I don’t know if that legacy will mean anything publicly. I will say that walking out on stage at E3 and having the fans cheering is uncomfortable for me because I know how little I actually do [laughs],” Spencer told GI.

Most folks who really think about how a company like Xbox works know that it takes hundreds of people to make something as massive as a console successful. But as these things often turn out, there must be one individual for a company’s successes or failures to be pinned on.

Microsoft is in the middle of serious times with their mid-generation upgrade set to launch next year. Project Scorpio will mark the beginning of a new era. At E3 this past year, Microsoft showed gamers a video highlighting the power within the console. When Spencer looks back on that, it is clear he’s happy with what it accomplished.

“The thing I’m most proud of in that Scorpio video we unveiled at E3 is, outside of Patrick [Söderlundand] and Todd [Howard], every person in it is a member of our team, and that’s them representing their product and their pride. If that’s my legacy, that we ship some great games and people had fun and they had a console they loved, then I’ll definitely be satisfied,” Spencer said.

Legacies are for the press and gamers to decide. However, I feel like we are years away before we truly can see what Phil Spencer’s legacy will be.

Project Scorpio will launch during the holiday of 2017. Microsoft has one last major game to launch this holiday season in Dead Rising 4. It will be available on Xbox One and Windows 10 on Dec. 6. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Xbox.

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