The Order: 1886 is a game or a franchise that received a poor reception from fans and critics when it launched back in 2015. The title was largely criticized for its brief length and the fact that it still had a $60 price tag with it.

Through all of the chatter and hubbub about the game’s length, I believe The Order can still be one of PS4’s top brands. All it needs is a genre tweak and for developers to go deeper into what makes this world truly fascinating.

If you’ve played The Order: 1886 then you know about the half-breeds and werewolf-like creatures you encountered. These enemies did make for some intense combat sequences, but a sequel from Ready At Dawn would do well to open up its combat a bit more.

Cover-based combat is something that absolutely can work in video games. However, there needs to be more nuance to it than simply cover behind box A, wait for enemy B to peek his head around corner C, and then get a quick headshot.

The Order: 1886‘s combat felt a bit too simple at times, but there is so much more for Ready At Dawn to dig its teeth into. More challenging AI whose behavior feels random rather than formulaic would make combat more intense. Games that make players alter their play style on the fly or keep them from repetitive gameplay behaviors turn out well.

Guns are always a major consideration and bringing more of them into the fold, as well as embellishing upon existing ones could result in something great. Games these days can have deep customization systems for weapons, and the weapons of The Order: 1886 are some of the most intriguing we’ve seen in a new IP.

Weapons like the M86/FL Thermite Rifle created some of the game’s most memorable gameplay moments. With the Thermite Rifle, gamers could quickly spray thermite on a surface where enemies were taking cover, and then with one shot to the same area, it would become engulfed in flames. Tell me this weapon wouldn’t be awesome with various mods or attachments you could customize.

Cover art for the Thermite Rifle in The Order: 1886 (Courtesy of SIE).

Enabling weapon mods to change the nature of guns in The Order: 1886‘s world would add another layer of depth to combat, as well as provide further personalization for players. By making the game’s structure more open, this would add greater value to a person exploring the game’s world and finding different attachments for their weapons.

Other guns that were intriguing and would do well to have greater embellishment or creativity added to them were the Combo Gun and the M2 Falchion Auto-Rifle. However, the Thermite Rifle is still my favorite of the guns in The Order: 1886.

The world of The Order: 1886 is very intriguing. Ready At Dawn’s contrast in setting, unusual arsenal, concept for Knights of the Round Table and characters make The Order feel like it has more to offer. I would love to see a second iteration that opens up the game’s lore and world more.

I’m not suggesting taking The Order into a straight-up open-world structure. That seems to be the easy answer for a lot of games these days. That said, making the experience less linear is something a second installment would benefit from.

Concept art for The Order: 1886 (Courtesy of SIE).
Concept art for The Order: 1886 (Courtesy of SIE).

Opening up by definition of making the experience more reactive to a player’s choices and actions would prove advantageous. The Order: 1886 was the definition of linear, which isn’t always a bad thing. However, the game left more to be seen, more to be desired and more to be said. The fiction of this world is fascinating. Its characters and narrative are intriguing.

Why not create an experience that allows gamers to have a more fluid impact on Knights of the Round Table? Why not create something where gamers can play with their friends and create their own Knights of the Round Table? I’m not always the biggest proponent of co-op gameplay because I believe it can water down an experience. However, creating your own Knights of the Round Table with your friends would be excellent.

While I did develop a certain affinity for Sir Galahad, I would love to see gamers step into the role of the protagonist. You are a newcomer to the Knights of the Round Table and you must work your way up to becoming the head of the order. Adding RPG structure into games is done all the time, and I think part of an RPG’s structure could fit to a certain extent.

Gamers being able to choose their gender, skills, and outfit would be obvious starting points. Perhaps they should also have a character’s knowledge be a part of their skills as well. For example, player X can upgrade their expertise in alchemy, weaponry or medicine. These areas would provide perks for players and add another layer of personalization.

The Order: 1886 is available now on PS4 (Courtesy of SIE).
The Order: 1886 is available now on PS4 (Courtesy of SIE).

The Order: 1886 has the world, characters and lore of a great franchise. There’s so much more to learn and tell in this world. If Ready At Dawn went back to the drawing board and make some adjustments, I think a sequel would do very well.

Let’s see a second game that digs deeper into what makes this world unique. Let’s see more player choice and influence into the concept of Knights of the Round Table. Let’s see a more open structure to the game’s narrative, and let’s see greater customization for The Order‘s weapons.

Sony and Ready At Dawn have something there with The Order. Some adjustments here and there, and they could have one of the strongest brands on PS4. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on PlayStation.

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