Ever since SSX debuted on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2012, gamers have been waiting for the next iteration or more appropriately, the next evolution. This coming Dec. 2, gamers may not be getting the next installment, but they definitely seem to be getting the next evolution in the form of Ubisoft’s Steep.

The open-world winter sports game was originally announced at E3 2016. With its Dec. 2 date coming up, its less than two months away from debuting. Steep will encompass a variety of winter sports activities. Those will include snowboarding, skiing, wingsuiting and paragliding.

The SSX franchise was always famous for its arcade, action-packed style. Its gameplay created a rush within the player as you would scream down a mountainside. Steep certainly seems to have those same traits and then some.

SSX never really broke out of the snowboarding and skiing sports, but Steep is going to do so with all kinds of style. The fact that you can access so many different activities, not just skiing and boarding, makes Steep a game with immense potential.

Having played the game a few months back, I must say wingsuiting is the standout activity of the lot. Ubisoft has excellently captured the feel of what it is like darting down a towering mountain, with trees, rocks and ice passing by you.

What was the crowning moment for when I knew Steep could be something special? It was absolutely wingsuiting in the first person view and carefully navigating through a power line, something I failed at my first few attempts.

SSX did a fabulous job of capturing the feeling of riding down a mountain at high-speeds and I must say Steep captures it effectively too. Racing has always been one of my favorite activities in these types of games. SSX executed races brilliantly and from what I’ve seen from Steep, Ubisoft’s new IP executes it masterfully as well.

Steep is a seamless, open-world game that allows you to jump from point to point. Unlike previous SSX games where you had to hit a few menus before jumping from one activity to another, it’s a few buttons presses and you’ve immediately gone from paragliding to snowboarding.

SSX was a game that put the players in the third-person perspective only, however Ubisoft giving players options. Steep will let you switch between first and third person by the press of a button. This is a wonderful luxury because I do feel certain activities in this game will be better suited for first-person versus third and vice versa.

Personally, racing and trick events are best seen through the third-person perspective. Separately, wingsuiting and paragliding are better suited for the first-person perspective, given the views you can acquire during these events.

It is incredibly exciting to have a AAA winter sports game back again. Steep has the potential to push the genre forward. The new IP looks like it has all of the best parts of SSX with an avalanche of new tricks of its own. The game will debut this coming Dec. 2 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on the new IP.


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