PS4 and Xbox One have brought with them unique trends and patterns within game development. One of the biggest trends is the emergence of always online games. Not only have those been a more common theme, but so have games that merge single player and multiplayer experiences.

Multiplayer games have become a greater focus for many brands. For some studios, single player has become less of a priority, with multiplayer receiving the most attention. Battlefield 1 is a game you can point to and say multiplayer will be the main focal point.

Battlefield 1 will be looking to merge both single player and multiplayer as much as they can. Battlefield 1 design director Lars Gustavsson spoke about how games today are bringing together single player and multiplayer experiences into one.

“The lines between single player and multiplayer are certainly blurring. Every mode we have in Battlefield 1 there’s an attempt to capture unique narrative flavours and events from the era. For example, we have war pigeons which are used to send messages out of the battlefield in order to call in artillery strikes.

“Then there’s the Operations mode, which is the bigger game experience where we let you take an epic journey through a series of interconnected maps, where the result on the first map will have consequences on the ultimate outcome – this is an massive journey and not just a quick match. There is interest in delivering those bigger narrative experiences within the context of multiplayer, and that’s super exciting for me,” Gustavsson told Redbull.

Games like Battlefield 1 of course largely rely on their multiplayer experiences to carry them for the long-term. While single-player may provide some good diversions for gamers, its multiplayer will be what keeps folks engaged long after release.

Battlefield 1 is set during the World War I era and will be showcasing that time period in a unique way. DICE will showcase its newest experience when it releases this coming Friday for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on video games.

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