Microsoft has set out to change the way gaming does consoles. This past August has been the beginning of that, with the release of Xbox One S. Next Holiday will be a continuation of it in the form of Project Scorpio.

The company looks at their iteration not as something that is trying to be like PC, but as one that’s focusing on the Xbox platform. Gamers will be able to experience Project Scorpio during the holiday season in 2017, but you may be wondering about Microsoft’s plans for the future.

It is hard for Microsoft to say what will come after Project Scorpio. Some have thought the newfound iteration in Xbox means the company is moving toward a PC model. While this is true in some respects, Phil Spencer feels it is something different.

“I think PCs by definition will always be always be more iterative and more continual in their upgrade capability, and that’s something that PC gamers really value. Obviously at Microsoft as the Windows company, we respect that I can upgrade my keyboard, I can get a faster mouse, I can get a better monitor, I can replace my CPU – that kind of tweaking and building that goes on is incredible.

“On console I just think it’s a different consumer device, and we wanted to build something that embraces what’s going on in PC, not compete with it. We see our best Xbox customers are also big customers on PC, and we wanted to make sure we were building a product that’s inclusive of both.

“On the console side I think a faster iteration on the hardware is really a platform focus, of how do we build a platform so that game developers are building games, and they can as easily as possible target multiple consoles. We think we’ve landed that with Xbox One S and Scorpio with the partners that we’re working with,” Spencer told PCAuthority.

Xbox One S has been performing very well since its August release. All signs out of Microsoft are that the system is selling well. Project Scorpio is the next big part of Microsoft’s grand console plan, but who knows how it’ll affect the S’s sales.

This fall is an important period for gaming, as PS4 Neo will debut next month. That hardware’s release is the beginning of mid-generation upgrades and it could set the tone for what’s to come. Gamers are wondering what these systems will ultimately do for experiences.

In a matter of weeks, we will all find out. PS4 Neo launches on Nov. 10, while Project Scorpio debuts holiday 2017. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on video games.

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