After more than two years of waiting, PlayStation VR is officially available. Gamers have been able to experience the new virtual reality platform, and folks seem to be happy with it thus far.

Sony is hoping to grow the platform significantly over the coming years, but there are many facets to doing that. While their own marketing and media word of mouth will help, Sony believes there is something greater that will help grown PSVR.

Word of mouth from gamers can be a very powerful thing. An example of this is when an indie game becomes a hit and Sony is hoping that will happen for PSVR. Recently, Sony boss Jim Ryan spoke about one of the ways he feels PSVR’s brand awareness will grow.

“The typical 25 year-old connoisseur or core gamer will buy it, and then there will be people like their mum who may try it because they’re intrigued by their reaction – that’s how it will gradually snowball. That process of gamer-led evangelism is something that, when it happens, is extremely powerful,” Ryan told iNews.

Virtual reality has always been something you’ve had to experience to believe. Whether you are talking about Oculus, Vive or GearVR, it’s something you have to see for yourself. This is a very contrarian fact to how games are normally talked about.

Sony has done everything they can though to get PSVR in the hands of gamers. From putting them on display at Best Buys, to doing promotional tours around the country, Sony has put a great deal of effort into showing gamers just what PSVR is.

From here on out, the company may be relying more on its fans to help spread the word. Growth is expected with PSVR, but it most likely won’t be the type of growth we’ve seen with PS4. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on PSVR.

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