If you’ve ever lamented that Netflix and Hulu just don’t have the classic, cult and indie films you need to scratch your underseen works itch, here’s some news guaranteed to make you squee. Turner Classic Movies and The Criterion Collection have teamed to create a new streaming service that aims to serve those needs. You may already have heard rumblings about FilmStruck, but if you haven’t here are the details.

FilmStruck launches October 19 and is poised to offer the “largest streaming library of contemporary and classic arthouse, indie, foreign and cult films.” The service will offer three subscription plans and will work across platforms including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, the Web and iOS and Android devices.

And here’s something a bit different. FilmStruck also promises to feature “extensive bonus content, filmmaker interviews and rare footage.” And if you’re not sure if FilmStruck is for you, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial to test out the goods. Here’s how the pricing tiers breakdown, per a press release:

  • FilmStruck Subscription$6.99/month – offering hundreds of constantly refreshed, hard-to-find and critically acclaimed films, plus exclusive bonus content including hosted introductions, originally produced pieces, interviews and rare footage
  • FilmStruck + The Criterion Channel Subscription $10.99/month – offering everything in the FilmStruck subscription plus unlimited access to Criterion’s entire streaming library of films and special features, along with channel-exclusive original programming such as filmmaker profiles, master classes, and curated series by celebrated guests from the film world and beyond
  • Annual Subscription$99/year for FilmStruck + The Criterion Channel (a $30 annual savings)

FilmStruck is also set to be curated with the same expertise that has given TCM such a following. The service will feature more than 7 fully curated and constantly refreshed programming themes, including the following:

  • The Beauty of Italy
    – a collection of films that highlight the beauty of Italy, from the shores of the Mediterranean to the peaks of the Alps
  • Cinema Passport
    – a monthly “franchise” showcasing the work of countries rich in film history and culture
  • Contemporary Israeli Cinema
    – see the country through the eyes of its people in this collection of modern works
  • Directed by Mike Leigh
    – highlighting the films that make this iconic director beloved by film festivals and critics and remind us that normal life is not always the norm
  • Early Kubrick
    – the early films of renowned director Stanley Kubrick show how this cinematic visionary got his start and ultimately found his way into moviemaking
  • Food for Thought – 
    a collection of films that tickles the tongue by prominently featuring food
  • Icon
    –  a bi-monthly “franchise” featuring the work of a different iconic star with each installment, beginning with legendary actors Marcello Mastroianni and Ingrid Bergman
  • The Masters
    – a monthly, director-focused “franchise” highlighting acclaimed directors including Akira Kurosawa, François Truffaut, Fritz Lang and Chantal Akerman
  • Neo Noir
    – explores a collection of celebrated films that pay homage to the gritty and dark genre
  • Panic Room
    – a monthly “franchise” that explores cult and indie horror film, hosted by actor-comedian Lucky Yates
  • Political Documentaries
    – exploring filmmakers who documented democracy in action.
  • World Discoveries
    – a monthly “franchise” hosted by film critic Alicia Malone spotlighting cinematic gems from burgeoning film industries around the world

So, does FilmStruck have your attention yet? It certainly has ours. You can learn more about the service at www.filmstruck.com.

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