Back toward the end of August, Sony made the announcement that the subscription fee for PlayStation Plus would be increasing. The yearly fee to enjoy the service moved from $49.99 to $59.99. At the time, gamers only heard about an increase and little transparency about what would be given in return was shown.

It has been two months since the PS Plus price hike and I must admit Sony has stepped up their game. Prior to the increase, you could have made a fair argument that the free monthly games weren’t up to snuff. After the August announcement though, PS Plus’s titles have improved nicely.

September featured the PS4 games Journey and Lords of the Fallen. This upcoming month, October, will be featuring Resident Evil and Transformers: Devastation on PS4. These are two stellar months of PS Plus games and Sony seems to be stepping up their support for free games each month.

There seems to be a legitimate ebb and flow to how the free games appear each month. While PS Plus’s improvement in games is not yet a pattern, you could say so after another month of solid choices passes by.

Sony has some of the biggest upcoming first party titles set to arrive within the next year. While we really haven’t seen the publisher put its current-gen AAA experiences on PS Plus, it’s interesting to wonder when that’ll happen.

You’d think Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack would be prime candidates for PS Plus. Each game debuted in 2013 and seem like good fits for PS Plus, but obviously Sony has other plans in mind for PS Plus.

PS4 Pro is set to launch in retailers on Nov. 10. While there hasn’t been any indication made by Sony, perhaps there will be a separate PS Plus set of games for PS4 Pro holders versus regular PS4 holders?

There are a lot of questions and things to wonder about when it comes to PS4 Pro fitting into Sony’s current programs. What will change and what won’t as a result of PS4 Pro are intriguing questions. However, Sony has said the new console won’t divide the PS4 ecosystem when it debuts.

Sony has turned up the quality in the free games coming to PS Plus each month. Here’s hoping the blip becomes a trend and something we expect to see each month. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on PlayStation.

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