Earlier this year at E3 2016, Microsoft made a ton of major announcements regarding their Xbox platform and the games coming to the system. Gamers got a sneak peek at titles like Forza Horizon 3ReCore and Gears 4. Other games were shown and of course, two new consoles were announced.

Microsoft introduced gamers to the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio. Xbox One S is now available and Project Scorpio is arriving during the holiday period of 2017. The company has had plenty of opportunities to listen to gamers and hear them out. Keeping an open mind to what gamers want has benefitted Microsoft.

The firm opened their E3 2016 press conference with the announcement of Xbox One S, and then they closed it with Project Scorpio’s introduction. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer spoke about their E3 plan and what is coming up for the Xbox platform.

“But I mean you could imagine going into the planning, and ‘OK, we’re going to open with the S reveal,’ but I think everybody knew we were going to do something like that – we hadn’t shown it. And then closing with the Scorpio – it was a lot of noodling going over whether that was the right plan. We’ll still have to wait until it launches to say ‘OK, did we do what we said we were going to do.’ The gamers are always good at keeping us honest,” Spencer told NZGamer.

As much talk as there has been about Project Scorpio, there is a still a very long way to go. Scorpio won’t launch until over a year from now and there are still many things that can happen in the meantime. The time for truly getting ready for Scorpio’s launch won’t be until next summer.

Xbox One S is certainly selling better than a lot of people thought it would. The system seems to be enjoying strong support from gamers, but it’ll be interesting to see what next year’s results are. Spencer talked about the Xbox One S and how it fits with some gamers’ mindsets.

“When people finally got their hands on it, and saw what we did with S in terms of the 4K UHD blu-ray, 4K streaming, and the nice form factor – I think people saw what we saw as we were designing both of the products. That this console stands on its own, it’s at a price point — $499 [for the 500GB model] in New Zealand – and that price point is just different than the Scorpio’s when it comes out, right? There’s a real price-conscious, value-conscious customer who’s going to look at that aspect of your product line, and that’s what they want,” Spencer said.

Xbox One S is available now around the world and Scorpio will launch sometime next year. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Xbox.

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