Coffee is a drink I hold very close to my daily routine, and I’m sure many of you can say the same. While you may need it to kickstart your day, there’s always other ways to enjoy the essential drink, and what better way to explain how than on National Coffee Day.

To give you a bit of flavor and variety for the types of coffee cocktails that are out there, I’ve brought with me the Cold Brew Negroni, Gran Paradiso and Espresso Martini. Each drink showcases some interesting tasting notes and presents coffee like you might not have thought possible before.

Let’s first talk about the Cold Brew Negroni, which is the most involved drink out of the three. In order to create one, you will need to have cold brew-infused Campari, gin, sweet vermouth, strong ground coffee, a mason jar, stirrer, coffee filter, ice, strainer, old fashioned glass and orange slice.

First, pour in coffee grounds into a mason jar so it is halfway full. Next, add in Campari so it fills the rest of the mason jar. You’ll have to decide on how intense you want the coffee taste to be in your drink. You can let the combination sit for as little as 10 minutes or you can let it sit as long as overnight.

Once you are ready to enjoy the mix, grab a basic coffee filter or strainer and slowly strain the mixture into a separate mason jar. Next, add one ounce of your cold brew-infused Campari, one ounce of gin (brand doesn’t matter) and one ounce of sweet vermouth (brand doesn’t matter) into an ice-filled shaker.

Stir the contents until you are satisfied with the temperature and mixture. Then with your strainer go ahead and strain the contents into your old fashioned glass. The glass should have ice already place inside, and an orange ready for garnish. The cocktail is a bold, yet sweet way to enjoy a new form of coffee.

Switching gears, let’s talk about our second cocktail, the Gran Paradiso. This is a bit less involved than the Cold Brew Negroni, but it still has equal appeal. To create a Gran Paradiso, you’ll need to have Frangelico, Mezcal, espresso, espresso cups and shaker.

Add in one ounce of Frangelico, one ounce of Mezcal, and one ounce of espresso into a glass. Freeze the mixture and then let it thaw before adding it into your shaker. A brief shake of the liquid is needed to aerate the mixture. Finally, pour the contents into your espresso cups and you’re ready to enjoy.

See? Less involved indeed. The Gran Paradiso delivers a powerful drink of personality and is one you can enjoy sip-by-sip.

Finally, let’s talk about the Espresso Martini. To create this cocktail you’ll need to have on hand elite Vodka, Galliano Ristretto, fresh coffee, a shaker, strainer and chilled martini glass. Using Gomme Syrup is another option if you want to include it, but I didn’t just to keep things simple.

First add two parts elit Vodka, one part Galliano Ristretto and one half part fresh coffee into your shaker. Cover and shake until you are happy with the blend. Next, double strain the liquid and on the second strain have it pouring into your chilled martini glass.

There’s more to great coffee than just coffee itself, and I’d recommend any of these three cocktails as a way to show that. My personal favorite is the Cold Brew Negroni, though it does take sometime to prepare. Happy National Coffee Day and enjoy it the way you want, but do so responsibly. Stick around here at We Write Things for more cocktail recipes and spirit recommendations.

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