Earlier this month, Sony announced the PS4 Pro. The upcoming system is Sony’s mid-generation upgrade for PlayStation gamers. PS4 Pro has been a very polarizing topic since its announcement, and there are some glaring inevitabilities about it.

PS4 Pro will possess 4.2 teraflops of power and that is nothing to roll your eyes about. It is going to be a very powerful system, however, Project Scorpio, Microsoft’s mid-generation Xbox upgrade, will be more powerful with 6 teraflops of power. This is something we know now and it’s hard to ignore.

Gamers will need to consider a lot when thinking about a mid-generation upgrade this fall versus next year. Project Scorpio is going to out power PS4 Pro, it seems. Microsoft’s Albert Penello spoke about the conundrum gamers have when thinking about buying a PS4 Pro this holiday versus Project Scorpio next fall.

“Look, there are a lot of things customers are going to have to think about. Certainly the PS4 Pro is a good machine. It’s got a good spec. What’s interesting is, when you think about wanting to buy the most powerful thing, you know that something more powerful than that is coming next year. It is. The debate could go either way. I’m not trying to say anything to salt Sony’s plans.

“But I feel like the holiday shopper wanting to buy a console for Christmas, a $299, 500GB Xbox One S with all of the 4K stuff, showing off their new 4K TV is pretty good value. The guys who want to do this mid-generation upgrade, you’re going to get something significantly more powerful next year. It’s really just going to depend on the individual customer, because I can see a case to be made for both arguments,” Penello told Eurogamer.

Power and performance were two things Sony’s PS4 lived on during the first three years of its existence. It is a point of emphasis, but it is one that is going away in 2017. Sony will not longer have the most powerful console next year, so what will they do?

4K gaming will be a piece of gaming that, like every other new thing see, will take time to evolve. To truly know the value 4K provides gamers, results are going to be in the games.

Project Scorpio launches during the holiday period of 2017, while PS4 Pro launches this coming Nov. 10. We Write Things has you covered if you still have questions about what PS4 Pro is.

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