In the first Watch Dogs, Ubisoft delivered a number of features, skills and abilities. Since the game launched in 2014, they have taken great time to observe feedback from fans. Some things have returned in Watch Dogs 2, while others have not.

One of the new features that fans did not find appealing was the morality system. This feature essentially judged players on their actions. If you ran over a pedestrian, you would gain negative morality and if you stopped a criminal, you would gain positive points.

This system has been scraped and Ubisoft is moving forward with new ideas. Jonathan Morin, who is a creative director on Watch Dogs 2, spoke to We Write Things about new skills, one of which will allow players to call the cops on anyone in the game.

“The first is a set of new skills that gives you more control over your surroundings. Hacking is more analogue now and there are more opportunities since every AI and vehicles can become a tool for the player in Watch Dogs 2. Hacking vehicles, calling cops on anyone, starting a gang war or controlling two different drones are a few examples of these new skills,” Morin said.

With the morality system gone from Watch Dogs 2, it’s a simple example of the game’s change in tone. It couldn’t exist in this second game. Besides, doesn’t calling the cops on those around you sound like a disruptively fun time?

Ubisoft has made an somewhat major change to how currency works in Watch Dogs. The concept of followers will serve as a major form of currency and progression for players. Followers help you do more and they are gained by leveling up, as Morin explained.

“Then the second change is how we deal with currency. You will need to spend research points to unlock skills. These unlock by gathering followers. Each time you level up, you get some of those points similar to the first game. But this isn’t the only way to get those points. This time you can also get points through exploration.

“So getting more skills also helps you reach more of those points within the open world. We wanted to make sure the challenges within the huge open world would provide important rewards to players. So if you want all the skills you will have to also explore the Bay Area outside of the beaten path,” Morin said.

Watch Dogs 2 launches this coming Nov. 15 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things, as we’ll have much more from our interview with Jonathan Morin in the coming days.

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