Microsoft has already revealed what the specs for the upcoming system Project Scorpio will be. Gamers and developers were wowed by the list when Microsoft dropped the news this past E3, but how will Sony answer Project Scorpio’s specs with PS4 Pro?

You may be thinking that since E3, Sony could have decided to change up the specs on PS4 Pro in response to Project Scorpio’s impressive power. They could just delayed the launch of PS4 Pro a few months and then launch the system with upgraded hardware, right?

Well, not exactly.

We Write Things had the chance to speak with Michael Goodman, who is the director of digital media strategies at Strategy Analytics, about a number of things related to PS4 Pro. One of the topics discussed was the whole notion that Sony could make a quick switch with the system’s hardware, easy and painless.

“You can’t do that because you’re starting from zero again. Regardless of launching the console in October or you’re going to hold off until March, you can’t all of a sudden change the hardware. Developers have been working on the console for probably a year and a half or two years based upon this set of hardware specs.

“Let’s say you increase the teraflops from four to six, well everything that has been done up to this point will either look bad because you’re only using part of the processing power or you have to scrap a large chunk of what you’ve already done. Then, you wouldn’t even be looking at a launch in 2017, you’d probably be looking at 2018,” Goodman said.

The phrase “a snowball rolling down a hill” is very apropros to the concept of developers working on software months and even years in advance. You can’t just stop it all, change it and then keep it rolling. Games are what they are going to be when PS4 Pro launches, no matter what announcements were made at E3 2016.

Looking at what your competition is doing can only get you so far, and for Sony, they’ve done a fine job of blazing a trail of their own this generation. That said, Sony has still yet to confirm what the exact hardware specs will be for PS4 Pro, in addition to price, release date, actual name, etc.

“If you are launching in 2016, you are what you are and you can’t change that. Unless you are willing to delay your launch to 2018, and really, really upset your third party publishing partners, because everything they would’ve done they would have had to throw out and start over again, you would not be in a good position. There is just no way I can see Sony delaying the launch just to upgrade the hardware specs. It’s not something you can just swap out,” Goodman said.

Sony will host its PlayStation Meeting in less than two days so stick around for more coverage of the upcoming event. We’ll have plenty more regarding PS4 Pro in the coming hours.

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