Back in April of this year, Green Flash Brewing Company announced a new subset of beers called the Cellar 3 Barrelmaster’s Reserve. Since then, they have released the first iteration, Lustrous Frumento, in the series and today, I’m happy to deliver news regarding the its second installment, Ochre Frumento.

Ochre Frumento is a Barley Wine that beer drinkers will find has been aged for half a dozen years in brandy and bourbon barrels. This is a particularly memorable release considering Ochre Frumento checks in with the highest alcohol by volume (ABV) ever recorded by a Green Flash beer.

Ochre Frumento arrives with an ABV of 17.5 percent. Green Flash Brewing also confirmed there have been 600 bottles produced thus far. They didn’t, however, indicate whether or not future releases of the Barley Wine will take place.

Considering the nature of the Barrelmaster’s Reserve, it would be a surprise to see further releases outside of this one, but anything can happen I suppose. The 600 bottles will be sold off on a first come, first serve basis at Cellar 3 on Sept. 17. Green Flash Brewing Company has installed a limit of two bottles per person.

The brewing provided some color into what exactly beer drinkers will find with the Ochre Frumento. “At 17.5% ABV, this beer is uniquely gluttonous and truly complex. Having drawn color from the barrel, it pours a deep brown, reminiscent of a Tawny port, and presents an aroma that is sharp and spirit-barrel forward. Prominent flavors of toffee and caramel envelop the palate, and supporting notes of ripened stone fruits with nutty complexity unfold through the finish,” Green Flash wrote.

This coming Sept. 17 will be when folks can first try out the Ochre Frumento. It is going to be sold at the Cellar 3 tasting room, and is for sale at $24 per bottle. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on the craft brewery industry.

Ochre Frumento in all its glory (Courtesy of Green Flash Brewing Company).
Ochre Frumento in all its glory (Courtesy of Green Flash Brewing Company).

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