Collaborations are a very common occurrence in the craft beer world, so when Funkwerks sent out news of their partnership with Denver’s River North Brewery, it was no surprise. As part of Funkwerks’ September releases, Blanc: The Saison Conspiracy is a product of work done by both River North and Funkwerks.

Blanc will be getting set to release toward the end of September, so Broncos fans will have a special mid-season beer to enjoy. Both Funkwerks and River North have combined to create two saisons, one for each brewery.

Each beer has taken house saison yeast strains from both breweries and blended them together. The result is a unique beer for each brewery, while still remaining siblings of the same yeast. “Blanc is a traditional light Saison supplemented with chardonnay grapes and subsequently aged in Chardonnay barrels for over two months.”

Beer drinkers who tend to gravitate toward ales that relate to their wine preferences will be happy to know the Blanc is a Chardonnay Barrel-Aged Saison ale made with grapes. The final product of the collaboration is a beer with a notable 7.5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV).

You can stop by Funkwerks and pick-up bottles of Blanc to go or you can enjoy it on draft. It’s best to check with River North to find out how exactly they’ll be selling their saison and when it’ll be released.

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Blanc: The Saison Conspiracy label (Courtesy of Funkwerks).

The final beer we’ll talk about today is the Bramble. It’s getting set to release sometime during the middle-to-late part of September. This particular ale sports the style of a “Barrel-Aged Brett Saison ale brewed with blackberries.”

The Bramble contains a similar ABV to the Blanc’s, with Bramble’s checking in with a 7.6 percent ABV. Additionally, Brett has also made its way into the Bramble, as it has been “bespeckled” with Brettanomyces. “This brew begins with our house Saison yeast strain. An added brett strain brings a bit of funk; dark candi sugar and berries boost a supplemental sweetness. Best enjoyed beside a babbling brook between friends. Bramble on,” Funkwerks wrote.

Funkwerks is selling bottles of Bramble to go at their brewery in Fort Collins, CO and is also selling it on draft. Stick around for more craft beer goodness here at We Write Things.

Funkwerks' Bramble label (Courtesy of Funkwerks).
Funkwerks’ Bramble label (Courtesy of Funkwerks).

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