New consoles are on the horizon for both Xbox gamers as well as PlayStation gamers. Gamers already know when Microsoft’s Project Scorpio will debut, but what about PS4 Pro?

Sony has been mum regarding the future of the PlayStation console, however, they are hosting an event this coming Sept. 7. Many expect a number of announcements to be made there. Among the news should be transparency surrounding the PS4 Pro situation.

PlayStation VR (PS VR) will be released this coming Oct. 13, but what else will Sony release at that time? Many folks are expecting PS4 Pro to debut with the new VR headset, and if that is the case, then Microsoft will be able to learn a ton from PS4 Pro.

Xbox One and PS4 essentially launched at the same time, so each company didn’t have much of a chance to learn from one another. They learned as they went along and for Microsoft, they would have benefitted from seeing what Sony’s strategy turned out to be.

It’s looking like we’ll see PS4 Pro before we see Project Scorpio and this will help Microsoft in a big way. The team at Xbox will be able to alter a plan based off of what Sony delivers. Should PS4 Pro be underpowered, compared to Project Scorpio, then Microsoft could be in the driver’s seat.

Power and performance have been huge contributing factors to PS4’s early generation success, and if Pro is underpowered then that could shift the tides in a big way. It’s always possible that Sony could drop a more powerful system early next year instead of this October, but signs are pointing to October 2016 for Pro.

Price is another factor that will play into how gamers adopt PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio. Each system is expected to cost quite a bit more than their early generation predecessors, but pricing of the two high-end systems will be telling.

At the start of this generation, Microsoft announced Xbox One would cost $499 at launch, while Sony attached a $399 tag to PS4. This certainly played a role into how the consoles sold at first, and it had a major impact on the public’s perception of each system.

The same will be true of Project Scorpio and PS4 Pro’s pricing, particularly if there is a major discrepancy in power. Microsoft hopefully has learned their lesson with overpricing a console, and what Sony does and fan reactions should be insightful for them as well.

Adoption rate is always an unknown variable and this generation has been proof of that. The console market is stronger than ever and adoption rates of both PS4 and Xbox One have been unprecedentedly good. We’ll all see how PS4 Pro is adopted by players and that number could be a factor into how many Scorpios are actually manufactured.

Mid-generation upgrades is a first for the gaming industry and everything that happens is uncharted territory for us all. Sept. 7 should yield plenty of visibility regarding PS4 Pro and no matter what, Project Scorpio will benefit from the fallout in a big way.

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