This generation of consoles is taking on some unique characteristics, and one of them is the recently released Xbox One S. Xbox One S is a console that has seen impressive demand from gamers and solid results from purchasers.

Pundits believed the system wouldn’t see very successful sales results, mostly because of the Project Scorpio announcement Microsoft made at E3. That’s not the case though, as numbers are proving the Xbox One S to be a successful console.

Microsoft is moving forward with the S with full bore, and even they view the system’s ultimate performance as unexpected. Xbox Boss Aaron Greenberg has been pleasantly surprised with the performance of the system and said the firm is trying to get as many Xbox One S’s out to the public as possible.

“We just kind of focus on what we’re doing and how we’re performing. We’re really pleased with how the Xbox One S has been performing. It has exceeded our expectations. We’re trying to make as many as we can, as fast as we can, as we try to get these new bundles out to the market. We’ll see, we’ll see how it turns out,” Greenberg told WindowsCentral.

Microsoft has continuously voiced the sentiment of wanting to pay attention to what they do and no one else. However, any competitor knows and expects both Microsoft and Sony to look over each others shoulders, but not publicly as much. Xbox has set some impressive precedents over the last year with backwards compatibility and Xbox One S, and they seem to be benefitting as a result.

Various SKUs of the Xbox One S have been selling out throughout retailers worldwide and it seems to be a sign of the support gamers are giving the S. Interestingly enough, Greenberg mentioned most gamers won’t pick up the Xbox One S 2TB model.

“Believe it or not, most consumers won’t buy the 2 TB version, but we know for a lot of our core fans, that’s what they want,” Greenberg said.

This is kind of telling given the fact that the 2TB version of the Xbox One S sold out during the middle of August. One could infer that Microsoft just didn’t make many of the 2TB model to begin with, but then again, core gamers are that strong of supporters when new product debuts. Xbox One S is available now and you can read more about it here at We Write Things.

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