I have six words for you: Local co-op, split-screen RPG. That’s right, the upcoming RPG Outward has received a new trailer in honor of PAX West 2016, and it has caught my eye in a big way. So what exactly is Outward, you ask?

Well, this RPG is an open-world fantasy experience, with notes from The Elder Scrolls. While the game has survival elements, Nine Dots Studio specifically stated Outward isn’t a survival game. Instead, this is a game “about making hard choices and living with the consequences, about feeling like you’ve truly earned your rewards and creating a journey that is uniquely yours.”

The game has been confirmed to be coming to “PC and console,” though no specific console platform was specified. It could be a typo, but “console” somewhat implies there’s an exclusivity attachment of some sort, but that’s not confirmed at this time. Additionally, no release date was given for Outward, but I would assume it’ll come to Steam Early Access before anywhere else.

Outward features four different factions for players to choose from, “each with its own story and ideology.” Items like food, water and sleep sound like they will be things you have to monitor over time.The game will also have “constant auto-saving” to make sure actions you take in the game “have repercussions.”

The world of Outward (Courtesy of Nine Dots Studio).
The world of Outward (Courtesy of Nine Dots Studio).

There is no level-scaling so if you run into a more challenging enemy, you had better be equipped with the ideal tools and knowledge in order to defeat it. Outward hopes to step away from some of the more traditional elements you’d expect in an RPG. These things include the environment having an effect on your armor, “ritualistic magic requiring preparation to wield” and how the level of inventory in your bag can influence your maneuverability.

As I stated at the beginning of the article, gamers will be able to play local co-op, split-screen with a friend. Those who wish to play online co-op can do so as well. The studio held a Kickstarter for Outward back in the middle part of 2015, but it came up quite short of its $150,000 goal, netting just under $58,000.

While that didn’t work out quite as they had hoped, the Canada Media Fund awarded them over 950,000 Canadian dollars (over $735,000 USD today) in funding a few months later. Nine Dots Studio will be revealing more about Outward in the coming weeks, but it is indeed playable at PAX West 2016 for those who are attending.

Check out Outward‘s new trailer below. Speaking of RPGs, our review of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is live for those looking for some insight on this beast.

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