Games like Halo have taken years to establish themselves, but even early on, you always knew it was going to be something special and ReCore is hoping for the same. The upcoming game will launch this coming Sept. 13 and developers are hoping it will be the start of something great.

Halo was first launched in 2001 and then it later received its second iteration during 2004. ReCore will see its debut in a few weeks, but who knows when or if we’ll see another installment.

Many on the ReCore team have worked on major franchises before and they know what it takes for a game to reach the success of a title like Halo. ReCore lead writer Joseph Staten, who worked on the original Halo, discussed a bit about what he went through when Halo 1 released in 2001 and what ReCore must do to succeed.

“Well, when we made Halo 1 at Bungie we didn’t know we were going to get to do a sequel. We wanted to get the best game possible onto the disc, and then hope people enjoyed it. We earned a sequel. Every game in the global publishing portfolio – whether it’s ReCore, or Crackdown or Scalebound – we have aspirations and hopes that they can go on and grow into ‘big boy’ franchises like Gears, Forza or Halo. But you have to earn that success. You have to build an audience,” Staten told WindowsCentral.

A wide shot of the landscape in Recore (Courtesy of Microsoft).
A wide shot of the landscape in Recore (Courtesy of Microsoft).

Gamers have certainly been excited with the way this experience is shaping up and it’ll challenge the way you play and think as a player. Having gone hands-on with the game at E3, its clear that Xbox has a firm handle on rewarding and challenging gameplay.

Not much has changed for Staten in the way that they have looked at their game, and a lot of that has to do with how they handled Halo. Staten generally summarized some of the priorities the team had when it came to creating ReCore and his feelings about how its shaping up now.

“We’ve approached ReCore in the same way that we approached the Halo games: let’s put as much quality in there as we can, let’s attract as broad of an audience as possible, and let’s do our best to earn a sequel. If we do? That’s awesome. We certainly have ideas on where we want to take the story, but you never really know. But I think ReCore is a pretty special game, I love the way it plays, I hope people enjoy it,” Staten said.

ReCore flows well with its varied gameplay, but it’ll be interesting to see how it and the narrative all ultimately tie together. ReCore will hit Xbox One and Windows 10 this coming Sept. 13. Hang out with us here at We Write Things a bit longer, and read more about Microsoft’s confidence in their Xbox One S E3 announcement.

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