Attention: Fans who are starving for the winter sports goodness in video games, your desires will be met. At E3 2016, Ubisoft made the thrilling announcement of Steep, a new action, winter sports game that is set in the Alps, and now we know when the game will launch.

On Dec. 2nd, Ubisoft will launch Steep worldwide. In true Ubisoft fashion, this an open-world game, and one that is seamless when moving from one activity to another. Steep features a small handful of sports gamers can get lost in.

Those activities include skiing, snowboarding, racing, trick competitions, wingsuiting and paragliding. The Alps will be littered with races and challenges for players to complete, and again, the transition from one thing to another is extremely fast and seamless.

Ubisoft also unveiled two editions for Steep players, one being the Standard Edition and the other being the Gold Edition. Gamers who pick up the Gold Edition will receive the full game of Steep, in addition to its season pass, providing access to all major expansions that come to the game. The Gold Edition will net you “additional digital content, outfits, and equipment, including an exclusive costume.”

Whether you pre-order Gold or Standard, you will be able to enjoy a deeper night-riding experience via The Moonlight pack. The Moonlight pack will reward players with three extra night challenges, three new night outfits, glowing equipment for each activity (skiing, snowboard, wingsuiting and paragliding) and wingsuit rocket flare. Gamers should stay tuned to Steep’s official homepage in order to “play first during betas.” You can register here.

Steep will launch this coming Dec. 2 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Its projected RTL (6 months) makes it the quickest new IP Ubisoft has ever revealed and launched since 2012. Hang with us here at We Write Things for more news regarding Steep, video games and more.

Steep will launch this Dec. 2nd (Courtesy of Ubisoft).
Steep will launch this Dec. 2nd (Courtesy of Ubisoft).

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