It has been well-documented how the first Titanfall didn’t feature a single-player campaign, however, that didn’t seem to hurt the overall sales of the title. Developer Respawn Entertainment has altered its plan for Titanfall 2, and is bringing a single-player campaign for gamers to experience.

When PS4 and Xbox One first were first launched, the prevailing thought in the gaming industry was that a shooter didn’t necessarily need a single-player campaign. After all, other shooters like Evolve were also skipping a single-player campaign, but gamers eventually spoke up about what they wanted most in this new Titanfall.

Respawn Entertainment has crafted a new campaign and its been said that it will bring a bit of a light-hearted approach, in addition to all of the bullets that’ll be flying by your head. Mackey McCandlish, who is the single-player lead designer on Titanfall 2, talked about what it was like not having single-player in the first game.

“Oh, for sure, it’s not. It was a heart-wrenching decision to not do a single-player on the first game. That was out of necessity, to ship a quality product on time. There’s a genuine desire from the team to bring a story and a campaign to the universe,” McCandlish told VB.

If you remember back to when Titanfall 1 launched then you’ll know how big of a title it was for the Xbox console at the time. Microsoft touted it as a marquee game for the Xbox One, and so it was important for the game to debut as soon as possible on the new system, and a single-player campaign might have pushed it passed the spring 2014 time frame Titanfall 1 actually launched within.

Gamers will finally get the chance to see what the new single-player experience will be like in Titanfall 2 when the game launches this coming Oct. 28. The title will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. For more on Titanfall 2‘s multiplayer experience, check out our early hands-on with the game.

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