There has been an interesting reaction to the news that the Smart Pistol from the first Titanfall is indeed returning for the series’ second iteration. While you might have rolled your eyes at the news of the Smart Pistol’s return, Titanfall 2 is going to be better off as a result.

Personally, when I played the first Titanfall, my weapons of choice were either the Carbine or the C.A.R. SMG, two guns I felt most comfortable with. I’ll admit it was a bit frustrating when I was killed by a player’s Smart Pistol after I couldn’t target them while were jumping around for an hour. That said, Titanfall still needs the weapon.

First and foremost, the Smart Pistol is an entry-level way for some gamers to step into Titanfall’s online experience. They can work on their aim and timing, learn the many game mechanics and nuances of multiplayer, and eventually get them ready for a different gun later on.

The Smart Pistol also gives a newer player the confidence to keep pushing forward, even if they aren’t doing as well as they had hoped. Most players will snag kills with it one way or the other and that can be the difference between a newcomer walking away after a few matches and them sticking around to learn the game and improve their skills.

Yes, it was frustrating when you lost a close match and you looked at the scoreboard to find one player had killed 100 AI enemies thanks to the Smart Pistol. I’m not sure, though, that was a problem born entirely from the Smart Pistol being in the game because to me, that phenomena seemed more like a score-balancing issue that was more easily solvable through a patch or update compared to just eliminating the gun all together.

Additionally, the Smart Pistol gives Titanfall a bit more personality and uniqueness when you compare it to other shooters out there. Yes, the wall-running, grappling and Titans do the same too, but the Smart Pistol is something very unique to the series and a gateway for a bigger player pool.

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed the gun is coming back this October, but it won’t be exactly as you remember it. Titanfall 2 game director Steve Fukuda was the one to confirm the gun’s return.

“We are going to be bringing back the Smart Pistol, but different. [We know] that’s what received a lot of negative feedback, and we’ve been working on that to make sure that it is a more balanced experience for all players,” Fukuda told ShackNews earlier this summer.

Don’t hate on the Smart Pistol though. It is an asset to Titanfall’s well-being as a franchise and it delivers character that other games cannot point to. Titanfall 2 will be released this coming Oct. 28 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Check out our Titanfall 2 preview for thoughts on the game’s new multiplayer experience.


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