This past May, id Software brought back to life one of the most adored shooters in the history of the genre, Doom. The game received wide praise from gamers everywhere, and it is an experience I continue to come back to more and more and more.

Doom is in the process of releasing free and premium new content for gamers, and that will continue most likely for the rest of this year and possibly into 2017. The game’s multiplayer has brought forth one of the most entertaining experiences I’ve seen in years, and yes, I have Echeloned five times.

With the level of success Doom has had thus far, it of course begs the question of what does Bethesda Softworks and id have in store for the future of the brand. id Software’s Marty Stratton spoke about the future of Doom for both the near term as well as the long-term, which would presumably include a new game.

“Ultimately, we put a lot of effort into something we can build on, whether that’s the approach to the story and the lore behind the game, the way the Doom marine, kind of his personality, who he is and some of the questions behind who he is, those are all things that we feel like are a nice foundation to really build on for years and years and years. We have to continue to support and work on what we’re doing here, but I think there’s a bright future for Doom,” Stratton told GR.

The future certainly does look bright both from the standpoint of the game that is already out, and new installments we could see in the series soon. Prior to the game releasing in May, it had been 12 years since we had seen a new iteration in the series (not counting the BFG Edition).

Unto The Evil was the first of three premium releases for Doom’s Season Pass and gamers can pick it up now or read more about it hereDoom is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, and for those looking for more We Write Things gaming goodness, you know what to do.

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