Single-player campaigns in the shooter genre tend to be fairly common, but they are rarely the main course for most gamers over the long run. A campaign was something the first Titanfall was missing, but developer Respawn Entertainment has learned from gamer feedback and they are bringing a shiny new one for Titanfall 2.

If there was one common gripe among gamers around the industry, it was that Titanfall felt a bit thin and didn’t hold up over the course of time. Many believe a single-player campaign will help make the game’s longevity even greater than what we saw the first time around.

Details are a bit scarce as to the type of experience we’ll see in Titanfall 2’s main campaign, however, we have some insights into how its cinematic experience will play out. Mackey McCandlish, who is the single-player lead designer on Titanfall 2, talked about how the intriguing match of Titanfall 2 and dialogue options came along.

“That feature grew organically out of the challenge of taking a story about a pilot and a Titan and making it successful within a campaign. There’s a trend in games to have your character speak. That can be disconcerting when your character says something you aren’t thinking. Typically the character is going to be giving information to help you understand the world that you as a player may not have.

“We were both looking for a way to strengthen the relationship between the pilot and the Titan, but also to bring more of the lore to the game, without being distracting. We stumbled into this interesting tool where you get to opt in to the conversations. You get to customize how you want to approach them and make it the Jack Cooper that you want, as opposed to having it totally written for you. It wasn’t something planned, but it’s worked out well for us,” McCandlish told VB.

EA’s massively popular franchises Dragon Age and Mass Effect embrace the branching dialogue fashion for telling personal stories for gamers. Those system really do add new dimensions to how a gamer can experience a story, so it’ll be interesting to see how the experience turns out in Titanfall 2.

The original Titanfall launched back in early 2014 and so it’ll have been over two and a half years since we saw the franchise last. Gamers will be able to jump back into the series when Titanfall 2 launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC this coming Oct. 28. We’ll have some multiplayer hands-on impressions going up tomorrow morning, so come on back for more.

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