Yep, that’s right! Another new shooter has set its fat eyes on the bountiful world of eSports, and it’s name is Quake Champions. If you’re rolling your eyes at the last half of that headline, then you’re probably going to roll your eyes at the upcoming statement provided by Quake Champions creative director Tim Willits.

“We also have to be careful that we don’t make so many game modes that everybody is playing something different. And we don’t have that critical mass that we need to push this into the competitive sphere. So we haven’t decided whether or not we’re going to do that. But I can tell you it’s been discussed. That question has come up a lot,” Willits told IDTimes.

My thing here is that eSports becomes a huge problem when a game’s potential is being sacrificed for the off chance that it excels in the eSports world. How about making the best Quake Champions possible instead of stopping to think, “well, if we put two modes in the game then they’re going to have no choice but to play one of those two modes and we know we’ll get lots of players that way.” I exaggerate the “two modes” part, but you get my point.

Oh, and real quick, Call of Duty launches with nearly a dozen different modes every single year and it does just fine in the world of eSports. Now, if you’re then going to say that Call of Duty is more of an established franchise, I would say you’re crazy because we’re talking about Quake! And if it really is “the game that defined competitive multiplayer” then I’m sure it’ll be just fine in eSports regardless of how many modes are in the game.

If you’re thinking about eSports during development, fine, it’s absolutely your business and none of mine to be doing that. However, when you’re openly talking about limiting what is in an experience, in what will more than likely be a multiplayer-only game, then you should probably have your dev consult PR one more time because the above statement is infuriating. Some games already feel like they’re missing things enough as it is, so at least when you screw us, do it in someone else’s house, not in our own bed.

Lastly, if you want to make a Quake game for eSports, go for it! Just come out and tell us right away that you want to create a game for eSports. It’s okay to say that. It seems as though any game that has a gun in it has developers thinking eSports, and you know what, they’re right to think about it because it’s an incredibly popular area of our industry. But trying to make an eSports game and a AAA game at the same time will only net you a very mediocre experience.

And just for good measure, here’s Willits once again to drive home their intentions for eSports. “Bethesda, as a publisher, definitely wants, and they’ve talked about this, to grow their eSports initiative. Push the games that make sense as eSports platforms. And Champions will definitely be one of those games,” Willits said.

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