Sour beer has emerged as one of the most popular beer types in the craft brewing industry, and it seems as though if your brewery doesn’t have a sour, its falling behind the times. The fine folks over at Odell Brewing, however, have been on the sour beer front for a while now, and they are bringing back the excellent Piña Agria for a second straight year.

Beer drinkers who are looking at sour beers and wondering what is a good one to warm-up to the taste, I would highly recommend the Piña Agria as that beer. It certainly is a sour beer, but for the inexperienced palate, it in no way carries with it an overwhelming sour taste.

I would say the sour taste has been dialed down to a four or five out of 10, and really is a fabulous beer for entry-level sour beer drinkers. Neither the sour punch nor the Apricot notes will hit you over the head with intensity, and they are actually quite friendly aspects of the Piña Agria.

Make no mistake about it, there are some incredibly powerful sour beers out there, and those types are ones you surely will want to steer clear of if you’re trying to slowly make your way into sour beer. If you are sour freak and love sour beers in general, I think you will appreciate and enjoy the Piña Agria as a beer that’s lighter and contains a higher level of drinkability than some other sour beers out there.

Odell Brewing in the back. (Courtesy of The Brewtography).
Odell Brewing in the back. (Courtesy of The Brewtography).

With the summer now in full swing, most of you will probably be looking for lighter, refreshing beers and the Piña Agria works well, given its lighter color and taste. I would more closely categorize the Piña Agria with Great Divide’s 21st Anniversary Sour, a beer which also contains a lighter experience.

Odell Brewing introduced the Piña Agria Sour Apricot Ale last year, and it is back once for the second straight year. The sour has returned once again is part of the brewery’s Cellar Series. Piña Agria will be offered in the 750ml “cork & cage” bottles, and is available now throughout the 12 states Odell Brewing distributes to.

I’ll let it up to Odell Brewing’s Maintenance Manager and home brewer Matt Bailey to close this review out with a few words regarding Piña Agria. “I always wanted to do a sour brew at home, but never had the resources, knowledge, or the yeast to do it well at home.

“For me, this is obviously a special beer, but it embodies what Odell Brewing is about…home brewing roots, collaboration from learning and working with a team, and the ability for anyone to try and brew what they want on our pilot system,” Bailey said.

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