Some companies are there at the beginning when it comes to supporting new platforms, while other companies tend to take a wait and see approach. Ubisoft is certainly a company of the former, as they were there when the PS4 and Xbox One launched, they are going to be there when PSVR launches, and they seem intent on being there when the NX launches.

Ubisoft has a deep portfolio of brands to choose from, yet they have decided to bring new franchises to the VR platform, instead of some of their biggest ongoing brands. Just Dance has already been confirmed for the Nintendo NX, setting the stage for other IPs to hit the new platform.

Many are wondering what franchises will come to the Nintendo NX, and what type of support Ubisoft will provide at launch. Alain Corre, who is the head of EMEA for Ubisoft, discussed their move to bring Just Dance to NX and more.

“We announced that we’re developing Just Dance for NX and we have other surprises that we will announce later, but we also believe Nintendo has the power to reinvent the way families are playing.

“Nintendo is a fantastic powerhouse of brands that are really cherished by a lot of fans and families… I am still impressed by the reoccurrence of success and appetite even today for the Nintendo franchises on the current system,” Corre told GI.

Nintendo has opted to remain silent in regards to the Nintendo NX since they nailed down a release date for the platform earlier this year. Many are expecting the system to receive a full unveil sometime soon, particularly with the fall lineup of games coming down the pike.

Ubisoft will have a slew of major games releasing this fall and into next spring. Titles the likes of South ParkWatch Dogs 2, SteepFor Honor, and Ghost Recon Wildlands are all upcoming before next March.

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