Gaming consoles do not come along everyday, and so when a company takes a crack at doing so, there are often times a lot of lessons to be learned. Sony learned them in the past with PS3 and with the Xbox One, Microsoft did the same.

When Microsoft launched the Xbox One, the price was $499 ($100 more than Sony at the time), the Kinect was integrated heavily with the system, and there was a lot being said about non-gaming aspects of the console.

Since then, Microsoft made some serious course corrections with its pricing, messaging with Kinect, and most other issues. The firm has been brilliant with just about every move they’ve made since they stumbled with Xbox One and former Xbox head Robbie Bach spoke about what happened at launch in 2013.

“[Microsoft] tried to do new things and they didn’t work out. We can decide if they were the right [decisions] or the wrong [decisions], but they didn’t work out. There some things that happened that I think we had learned lessons before that maybe they should’ve already learned. I’d hope I wouldn’t learned those lessons, but you don’t know [while you’re in it],” Bach told IGN.

Xbox One had a rough lead up to its launch, but Microsoft quickly made serious changes during the early part of 2014. Everything has changed from who is leading the decision-making at Xbox to the voices they are listen to for feedback.

Since then, one could argue that Microsoft has been the most gamer-friendly console, given the fact that they’ve given Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility capabilities on Xbox One free of charge, plus a variety of other reasons. Bach spoke about how difficult it can be for a team to step away from a product and get a fresh perspective, particularly when they’ve been working on it for years.

“When you’re in the crucible, it’s all different. There’s no objectivity. You’ve been close to a project for three of four years and you set out with an objective…Nobody ships something that is just abject bad. That’s what happens, you get close and it’s hard to pull back…It’s just a difficult challenge trying to launch a console,” Bach said.

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