‘Tis the season to be with the best of family and friends, and each year, it is also fun to break out those holiday cocktails you’ve been waiting all season to enjoy.

The Monarch Bar in Kansas City, MO honors the yearly tradition of getting together with loved ones and enjoying a festive beverage. They’re constantly crafting some of the most interesting cocktails, and this time, they’re getting into the holiday spirit.

First on our list of cool cocktails is the Cousin Eddie (pictured above). During the colder months, if you’re like me and enjoy a delicious Irish Whiskey, then you’ll absolutely love the fellow Monarch Bar has brought in.

Crafted with J. Rieger & Co.’s Caffé Amaro, Monarch blends in Tempus Fugit Crème de Menthe Peppermint, which has been infused by Rieger’s phenomenal Kansas City Whiskey. Topping it all off is a helping of mint marshmallow foam.

This cocktail is a tasty treat for anyone who is looking for a warmer, refreshing cocktail to sip. It reminds me and is so very fitting for the holiday season.

Some say there’s a list and some say someone is checking twice, but this time you can choose for yourself whether you’re being Naughty or Nice in our next Monarch cocktail, fittingly named after the familiar holiday phrase.

The Naughty or Nice cocktail is a delicious, sweet and refreshing blend of Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey, gingerbread peppermint maple orgeat and The Bitter Truth’s NUT Drops & Dashes. The Monarch adds a very special touch to the drink, which gives it the aforementioned name.

Those who choose to go the Nice route have liquified peppermint candy elixr added to the cocktail. And those who choose to go the Naughty way receive charcoal/ginger-infused navy proof rum.

Finally, Monarch Bar is proudly featuring the Under the Mistletoe cocktail, a drink you’ll want to touch lips with this season. This particular creation uses a few additional bits, but it stands just as intriguing as the previous two.

Under the Mistletoe is made up of Winterspice J. Rieger & Co. Premium Vodka, Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez, Benedictine Demerara, Samuel Smith Chocolate Stout gomme, Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters and Five Farms Irish Cream. Each ingredient is carefully chosen, complimenting the others in the group quite well.

Monarch Bar has quite a few fun cocktails for folks to choose from this holiday season. These three are just a small taste of what you can find there.

Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey is a fine ingredient for many cocktails, whether they be seasonal like the ones mentioned above or more routine like a hot toddy. It is an excellent bourbon for whiskey lovers to enjoy.

Its blend of sweet and spice presents a well-balanced palate, and isn’t a spirit that’ll exhaust your taste buds after one drink. The bourbon is highly accessible for those looking to get into tasting finer bourbons, outside of the big name brands.

As is how I choose to enjoy my whiskeys, drinking this bourbon neat or with light rocks is the ideal way to go. Though I did mention it works great for cocktails, it also works well as the ideal sipping whiskey, something you’ll be able to enjoy as often as you’d like.

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