The winter is in full swing, and while the Thanksgiving holiday has passed us, there are still plenty of fine occasions ahead that call for a fine whiskey.

Enter Rossville Union’s outstanding pair of Rye Whiskeys, along with the classic George Remus Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This trio presents a nice variety of well-balanced, spicy and splendid whiskey, no matter if you’re a rye guy or bourbon lady.

Starting with Rossville Union Master Crafted Straight Rye Whiskey, this rye provides a sweet balance of oak and spice as it is aged for a grand slam of four years. Personally, it is a nice presentation of spice, and one that won’t overpower for those who are a little more sensitive to the trait.

Other notes I found in the Union Master were cherry and most interestingly, vanilla. All of the flavors balance nicely for a fantastic palate that’ll leave you wanting more. Drinkability is high with this Rye, though it is stellar for all three, so if you want to have a second or third, the spirit allows by not overpowering the palate. Neat is the way to go for the Union Master.

Switching gears to the Union Barrel, this is a rye that’s a bit more limited in availability. Similar to the Union Master, the Union Barrel has subtle notes of vanilla. However, its dominant tastes are strong caramel spice, what I found most often when tasting. The lasting palate does have a bit of sweetness to it, but it was the spice that hung around more for me after sampling.

Since the Rye is available in more limited quantities, as I’ll also recommend below, I suggest enjoying this fine spirit neat. Light ice is okay, however, too much can dilute the rye, destroying the craftsmanship it possesses.

Lastly, Sir Remus brings forward the always delightful and balanced George Remus Straight Bourbon Whiskey. While there is the limited Remus Repeal and Remus Volstead, the Remus Straight Bourbon is a perfect, finely tuned bourbon for any bourbon drinker.

It possesses a magnificent balance between its spice and cinnamon flavors, plus the notes of vanilla arrive nicely to craft an ideal palate presentation. I could drink this bourbon every day and never get tired of it, thanks primarily to how well it balances all of its facets. Some whiskeys can struggle with this, but the Remus Straight Bourbon hits the nail on the head.

The only way I enjoy excellent whiskey like these three is in a neat pour or on the rare occasion, over light rocks. While I’ve reiterated this a few times, I do think it’s worth mentioning in order to respect the integrity of the whiskey.

That said, for those who like to mix things up, tossing it all together in a cocktail can be a great way to enjoy them as well. At least, I’d recommend not mixing the Union Barrel in a cocktail as that is meant to be enjoyed neat.

All three of these whiskeys are perfect gifts for anyone who enjoys whiskey. Quite frankly, you can’t go wrong with a Rossville or Remus whiskey, as both brands deliver top-notch quality and high accessibility. This trio isn’t one that’ll chase you away after just one helping, but rather keep you coming back long after the New Year.

About Jason Rohan

From the Dark Knight trilogy to the Marvel films, I love a good franchise. But what I love more is discovering a new spirit, and finding a new way to embrace its unique traits. In other words, liquor is fun. Long-time journalist, and refined palate, give me a spirit and I'll give you a reason.