Hearts Beat Loud is the warm, lyrical picture that the world needs. It’s unfortunate that most audiences will need to wait until June to see it, but happily, for them, this tale of father and daughter who start a band together in the summer before she goes off to college is the stuff the greatest summer movies are made of. Nick Offerman and Kiersey Clemons star as that father and daughter.

Nick Offerman brings massive heart and kindness to Frank Fisher, a widower and record store owner who wants nothing more than to jam out with his daughter, even as she makes plans to move across the country and pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. Kiersey Clemons is perfectly cast opposite him, as the ambitious and brilliant Sam, who can tell you everything there is to know about the heart and sing the shit out of songs of her own creation, but still gets a little flustered when it comes to Rose (the delightful Sasha Lane), the artist she’s falling in love with. The film hums and thrums with the kind of music that makes you want to dance or take a long drive on a hot summer night.

In many ways, Hearts Beat Loud is the quintessential indie comedy, it has a beating heart and vibrant characters and it makes you want to take leave of your reality and slip into its twee folds. So, on the one hand, you could argue that Hearts Beat Loud isn’t doing anything groundbreaking, but on the other, it’s deep concern for the handful of people that people its scenes is something akin to a revolution in a year as loaded with blockbuster fare as 2018. From Frank’s drunken karaoke with his landlady slash crush (the legendary Toni Collette) to Sam’s love song born of missing something she hasn’t yet lost, the whole picture is intoxicatingly charming and kind, the kind of story you want to revisit when you need nothing so much as a hug and happy memories to comfort you. Keep an eye out for it in theaters — and for the soundtrack to pop-up, it’s a crackerjack.

Hearts Beat Loud was purchased by Gunpowder & Sky and will be released in June.


Hearts Beat Loud
Director: Brett Haley
Writer: Marc Basch
Runtime: 1h 37mins
Main image credit: Sundance Film Institute

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