Ubisoft and Nintendo are two companies that aren’t afraid to step into the unknown dark. In order to create something new or original, venturing to where no one has gone before is required. Both have miles of experience in doing this, and their latest collaboration is a marvelous example of what can come from those who explore.

Back at E3 2017, Ubisoft and Nintendo both revealed the exciting new Nintendo Switch game, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Set for release early next week, this exclusive mashes together the worlds of Mario and Rabbids. Goofy fun and challenging battles await those who dare.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will feature a number of interesting, unique worlds. As you play through each, you’ll encounter new friends and foes. In an exclusive interview with We Write Things, Andrea Babich, who is a lead narrative designer on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, talked about what players can look forward to with each new world.

“By designing the different worlds, we always wanted to keep together form and function. Let’s use as an example the first Enemy Rabbid breed you meet in the game, the Ziggies. When you’ll meet them again in the second World, they’ll look different, reflecting the style of the new setting. But that’s not enough, so they will have a smarter way to attack and more effective weapons: you have to keep in mind what you already know about them, but also learn how to counter their new skills.

“At the same time, totally new enemies are introduced world after world, ranging from common ones to midbosses and bosses (luckily, you’ll also meet new Heroes to make your character roster more powerful and versatile) Moreover, there are some other characters that are not necessarily hostile per se, but may attack both Heroes and Enemies. You may have seen the Chain Chomps in Ancient Gardens – you’ll find other stuff like that, expect the unexpected!” Babich said.

From the time I had with the game at E3 2017, it is clear that this game isn’t like anything else out there. Sure, its turn-based combat makes it seem like an XCOM-type experience, but have you seen this thing? It is nothing like XCOM and delivers its own adorable soul to the experience.

Battles will challenge players to think of the entire battle, not just one enemy at a time. Exploring is another essential element to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. There, you may find rewards, puzzles and so much more. Babich spoke about how the game will become more elaborate as you progress.

“Between battles, Heroes can move around, exploring each world, solving puzzles and finding many surprises, most notably new weapons,” Babich said. “Worlds also differ structure-wise: if Ancient Gardens may look pretty straightforward, things are going to get more intricate later on. The more you proceed, the more you’ll learn special contextual abilities which will allow you to rediscover under a different light even the already explored areas.”

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is going to launch a week from today. The game will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Stick around here at We Write Things for much more from our chat with Andrea.

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