A few years ago, Square Enix released the highly popular action game Rise of the Tomb Raider. The title is easily one of the best looking games you can find on Xbox One, and it is going to look even better soon. Today, Square Enix is confirming Rise of the Tomb Raider will receive Xbox One X enhancements.

Arriving on Nov. 7, the game’s Xbox One X enhancements will include native 4K at 3840×2160. This makes for the highest fidelity resolution, according to Square. Graphical upgrades are also coming to the experience, not just a straight up resolution boost. Square Enix is confirming a higher frame rate will be part of the advancements.

Rise of the Tomb Raider originally arrived as an Xbox One timed-exclusive, and its visuals were amazing. Those are about to get even better with the help of HDR display support. Square is also providing spatial audio support and improvements in the game’s texture resolution. Texture resolution will improve the look of Lara Croft, in-game NPCs and environments.

Square Enix is also bringing better volumetric lights, reflections, foliage, polygonal detail and texture filtering. Gamers who want to check out the improvements firsthand can check out the trailer above. It shows off the improvements coming to Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One X.

The publisher confirms all Xbox One X enhancements will indeed be ready for the system’s Nov. 7 launch. If you own Rise of the Tomb Raider already, you’ll receive these improvements free of charge on Xbox One X. It’ll require a simple download, though the size of it is unknown.

Microsoft is getting ready to launch the Xbox One X worldwide this coming November. Fans who wish to pre-order the system can do so at most retailers. Nov. 7 is when Xbox One X arrives. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Tomb Raider.

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